Wife drunk first time sex

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I had drunken sex twice within my first six months at work. There's temptation, there's alcohol, plus you see people hooking up every other night, so it almost seems "normal". But after I got sucked into this world, I realised it was easier said than done.

Wife drunk first time sex

And if a guest offered me a drink, I'd take slow sips instead of gulping it down. I'd crawl out of bed with a pounding head, groaning, "Why am I doing this? I had drunken sex twice within my first six months at work. That, combined with whatever lingering feelings Eric and I had for each other, resulted in me spending the night at his place. I'd met him years ago, while living abroad for a year. We can talk about anything. I always say no. My co-workers all understood it was part of the job. Sure, I get high sometimes, but I'm always conscious. We still had to face each other at work, where I avoided talking to him too much. And that's when the wild partying would start. I'll just sip a little so it won't kick in so fast. While no one had said anything, I felt it was getting bad for my image. It was common for my colleagues and even my bosses to also get drunk by the end of the night while "working". I couldn't be sure of what I had drunk or how I had behaved, and I was worried about how my customers and colleagues would see me. No one discouraged me from my heavy drinking. Plus, I didn't have time to feel "awkward" or remorseful. Pregnancy scare My second brush with party sex turned out to be my last. I think that if you continue dwelling on the incident, you'll feel awkward all over again and you'll never get past it. I didn't even remember how we ended up there or how the sex went, but it must have happened. Sober and smarter After those two incidents, I made sure I'd never wind up having drunken sex again. Some people think women who work in nightlife are cheap and that we sleep around. I never knew how much people could make you drink until I started work. Anyone can say that they regret having drunken sex, but then get plastered again at another party and repeat their mistake. The last thing I remember was thinking, "I need to go home now". And that's how I want to keep it.

Wife drunk first time sex

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