What does it mean to be high maintenance

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They want to be able to pursue adventure and friendships beyond the romantic relationship they enjoy. However, in my own humble opinion, I think a geeky girl with a spunky personality beats this other crap hands down. A man will speak of his 'high maintenance' ex-girlfriend, or specify 'low maintenance only' on his dating profile. Men like Bill resent women for even having needs, because they don't see them as equal partners in a relationship.

What does it mean to be high maintenance

And the less maintenance required, the better. Well yes, of course every woman has needs. The bottom line is, some men really dig this kind of girl. Their dogs usually become accessories, and they often have little polka-dot bows in their fur, rhinestones on their collar and their doggie toenails polished. It speaks of machinery and equipment, inanimate objects that require servicing to remain in good working order. They are seeking a partner who will offer value to them sex, company, affection, status, an end to loneliness whilst putting in the minimal effort. Usually, that requires spending a lot of money on stupid stuff. I have friends that do this. Looking all cute running around the house with stuffed animals is a good way to get out of doing that stuff. You don't 'maintain' a partner to keep her in good working order so you can drive her occasionally. But men like Bill of Tinder should own their own needs, rather than accuse women of being unreasonable in theirs. When we receive signals that it is not okay to make emotional demands or express vulnerability, we can feel anxious and unsafe and try desperately to connect. If you would like to leverage my years of research and experience in this area, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of my home study program, What Men Secretly Want. Stocksy He was doing so well until I got to the last line. She never looks at the price tags when she has your credit card in her wallet. A one-night trip requires several large pieces of monogrammed luggage. And the men won't even need to use Tinder. Compromise and finding new ways of appreciating life are important parts of developing a quality relationship with someone of the opposite sex. What do guys want? She decorates your house with stuffed animals. Then, when he finally dumps her and starts dating someone normal, he is going to take that insecurity with him into his next relationship. There is no way they will do things like take out the trash, pump gas or wash dishes. I think the difference is, I pay for these things myself. But relationships aren't about maintenance and servicing. He was gainfully employed. Men who use the term 'high maintenance' are not looking for emotional intimacy. She would rather jump out of a moving car than go camping or spend time in nature.

What does it mean to be high maintenance

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