Wet vs astroglide

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Many contain glycerin, which can cause irritation in some people. Maggie Ney suggests, to take a break from all lubricant to see if it improves. Some may be better than others for various activities. Lubricants are made to be used short term during sex.

Wet vs astroglide

Many contain glycerin, which can cause irritation in some people. Which Lube can I use with condoms or toys? Some friction is still necessary to make sexual intercourse enjoyable for you and your spouse. I also found bourbon-flavored lubricant. I tell ya, that girl needs some serious help. An important type of good bacteria called lactobacillus maintains a good pH in the vagina and prevents bacterial vaginosis. If you use lubricant, start out with a small amount. I have noticed a number of my patients can have very strong reactions to lubes including pain infection and fertility issues. This also can happen with some silicone-based lubricants. Low estrogen levels as occur post menopause, postpartum, and after prolonged use of oral contraceptives also reduce the vaginal pH and can lead to infection. Some may be better than others for various activities. Parabens, glycols, microbicides, and preservatives in many personal lubricants and moisturizers are also concerning. Maggie Ney suggests, to take a break from all lubricant to see if it improves. They offer oil-based and water-based. Oil also can stain your sheets, so lay a towel down before experimenting. Silicone-based lubricants are the most slippery, which can make them especially good for non-vaginal intercourse. On some of these sites you can buy directly, whereas others route you to online retailers. I'd been using "Wet" personal lube for years and it has served me well in my many sexual escapades, but I still feel I may have been missing out on the fun that "Astroglide" promised. Liquid Silk Our second favorite, for many of the same reasons we liked Sliquid. Published July 28, Lastly, in order to avoid tissue damage and infection, everyone should steer clear of the ever popular KY Jelly and Astroglide. Lubricants may be water-, silicone-, mineral oil-, or plant-based. If you find that you want to try a lubricant either because sex is uncomfortable or because you want variety, then find a few to try. Too little lubrication and there can be pain. Plant based-lubes, such as aloe vera are generally considered safe. Vaginal moisturizers are made to stay in the body for longer than 60 minutes, and are applied every days to alleviate dryness. For example, Astroglide Liquid has an osmolality of and should be avoided.

Wet vs astroglide

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  1. And if a couple is using a condom, they may find that added lubrication can increase the comfort during sexual intimacy. Lubes that cause damage and irritation to the lining of the vagina or rectum can create pelvic pain or make existing pain worse.

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