Trouble showing affection

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I don't show affection at all -- no hugs, no kissing, or anything like that. If this woman is something of a thrill-seeker to start with, then you're probably just not fulfilling that craving for danger. And there is nothing more powerful than hearing those three words and knowing that your partner means it with all their heart. And it makes me feel relieved once I've done it.

Trouble showing affection

I have to believe at this point of my life that I am just not like many people. Part of this is because her mom probably told her 10 times ever that she loved her. She makes me feel like a sex pest, which I suppose I now am. Last thing, a perfect example was this past weekend. As time went on, the honeymoon period naturally settled down, but sex was never an issue as long as I initiated. I don't show affection at all -- no hugs, no kissing, or anything like that. Then once I've done it, I feel relieved, and he feels happy! She was impressionable I suppose, but had relationships before, as had I. We've become closer and bridged the gap over the past few days and affection feels easier now and I'm determined not to let it drift again. My husband does like affection. He doesn't understand why I don't like affection and I don't know why he likes it, to be honest. The last time we locked horns was about six months ago when we went through a rough patch for a month or so. Like my friend whom I mentioned who needs to show it for potential signs of infidelity and to announce to the world that his girlfriend is 'his" woman. Yeah, I think in some cases it can change. If her time of the month falls over the weekend, then that is great. I reference this article from Time to time, and have it saved. Also, communication is huge for this. Public displays of affection are out of the question. As can a lot of emotions. And it's all true. I can't seem to tell him he looks handsome or that he is appreciated without him saying something first. I feel there is an invisible wall that literally stops me from making any sort of advance towards him, almost like a fear of rejection which is ridiculous because I know he never would. I won't put up with that kind of crap. Anyway for a lot of people, especially guys, a show of affection can leave you vulnerable. Man the hell up and walk away dude. I just can't say it and I don't like to.

Trouble showing affection

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  1. I find that most people who have problems with affection seem to hate public displays, although excessive amounts of PDA and baby talk does get annoying. I am in love with the most amazing woman I have ever met.

  2. As can a lot of emotions. A quick peck when I leave the house to go to work to keep things looking normal is the best I can do.

  3. They build up, and over time, they pass if you go through them without obstructing them. I struggle with that damn wall every single day.

  4. I know they will make him happy. At this point, I am going to carry on keeping myself to myself.

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