Tantra sex secrets and practices newsletter

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Learning what our emotions are and what our needs are, is simple but not easy. Even in our sleep, we are not relaxing: The inhalation is called "fire" and holding this breath which is "air", causes more heat and if you are in pain, it will increase the pain. Good or bad, that is what makes us move or stay still. Self-Pleasure We propose that Tantric Sex is a training ground for living life as it was intended.

Tantra sex secrets and practices newsletter

For men however there is really a lot to learn in the tantric tradition. It must be experienced in the body to be valuable. Click here for some great ideas Every time a man ejaculates it produces dopamine and endorphins in the brain. It means men are there to pleasure a woman to the full 9 levels of orgasm. Look, it's God's gift. It is the secret on how to practice sex in a way that will make most men and women love sex so much that they will want to go on for hours. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to train yourself to welcome more good feelings. It can simply make your girlfriend or wife fall back in love with you. The exhalation is "water", to cool the heat, and the longer the exhalation will help clear our mind. However the study of Tantra is the study of very big powers and you must be careful to only learn from the best tantric teachers, they are called dakinis. Remember to count your blessings, appreciate what you have, and verbalize it to your loved ones. In Tantra as in life, all things flow from loving yourself. The word Tantra is Sanskrit, which is the sacred language of Hinduism. As important, love yourself for what you are and what you seek to become. Other sexual issues Tantra can help you with Women are naturally tantric and in touch with their senses and their own body. Secret 15 Non-violent Communication When we clearly express our emotions or feelings, our needs and what is "Alive in Us" we can overcome many problems and difficulties in our lives. Pleasure is paramount in Tantra. Be adventuresome and even do it in front of each other. But Tantric Sex with yourself is good practice for feeling good, appreciating yourself, and preparing to make love. But once you get it, Tantra can really teach a man how to become a success with woman. Besides, we all do it. Most women know the feeling of a man being too fast and too goal oriented and eventually that can put her off sex. You can choose right now to live in a state of grace by being "self- full. We get in touch with ourselves and then we can get in touch with others.

Tantra sex secrets and practices newsletter

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  1. Find the best therapists for: In Tantra as in life, all things flow from loving yourself.

  2. These hormones are deeply addictive and for most men they can create an addiction that will make them hunt the next ejaculation.

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