Should i tell my girlfriend i cheated

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But at the very least the decibel level will be dialed down a bit if it comes directly from you. Think about it for a quick second. The rest is history. Just know that your honesty will come at the expense of her serenity. If your sole motivation for telling her is based on the need to free yourself from a self-imposed prison, zip your lip.

Should i tell my girlfriend i cheated

On the flipside, it is also possible that she may have a different reaction. There are a few things you should consider before you come clean and spill the beans. So, the question now is what to do? Here at Guy Counseling, we try to offer real answers to men about a variety of subjects, including the thorny issue of infidelity. Assuming that her response is going to be angry and hurt, which is normal anybody would be you need to know that she may ask for details. For starters, if you tattle on yourself, you would probably only be doing it to relieve you of your own grief and guilt. She will probably never be able to trust you again, and trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Plus, guilt is a strong motivator and will likely keep you from being such a doofus in the future. Was it worth it? Think you could use some dating tips? The dating guru offers answers to tough questions men want to know about love, romance, and relationships. Make sure she knows that you are sorry and aware of your guilt. Just food for thought as you contemplate things. The rest is history. Trust me when I tell you that you are far better off being the bearer of bad news instead of her figuring it out. Suffice it to say that simply providing the essentials, like Who, What, When, and Where, are most important. Think about it for a quick second. Upon hearing the news, she is going to vacillate between a weeping, wounded woman and a vengeful, vehement vixen. For women, sex is an expression of intimacy , a significant and highly emotional event. Men and women have very different views about sex, which makes it difficult for men to appreciate how devastating it is to a woman when her man cheats. Your honesty comes with a price. You never mentioned in your note if the two of you had an exclusive arrangement. Should you tell your girlfriend that you cheated on her? I say this because cheating is the lowest thing you can do to a woman you care about. I can very easily see a situation where you tell her what happened. As an aside, did you use protection during that hotel rendezvous?

Should i tell my girlfriend i cheated

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