Secondary sex characteristics of the female

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The tubes terminate near the ovaries but are not attached c. Because he will be able to mate with more females, the genes for the superior fighting characteristic will become prevalent in the population; in other words, that characteristic will be naturally selected. Placenta the after birth attaches to endometrium. Breast tissue of adult male Holtzman rats exposed to cyproterone acetate during embryonic differentiation showed presence of specific estradiol receptor proteins and C steroid aromatase. Fat deposits around the hips and buttocks also contribute to the female's more rounded appearance.

Secondary sex characteristics of the female

Vaginal opening partly closed by thin membrane of tissue called hymen- hymen may be stretched or torn during first intercourse or any physical activity 6. Two thin tubes attached to the upper sides of uterus b. Mate choice An antler on a red deer stag is a secondary sexual characteristic Charles Darwin hypothesized that sexual selection , or competition within a species for mates, can explain observed differences between sexes in many species. The chances are, if you didn't know already, you might guess the brighter red one to be the female, however, you would be incorrect! Tubes conduct egg to uterus by use of small hairs called "cilia" e. Estrogen also induces growth of the uterus , proliferation of the endometrium , and menses. We reported similar findings in gynecomastia in man. The choosy female theory purports that females choose males with bigger, brighter and better ornamentation to increase the viability of her offspring by choosing a mate with good genes. Very muscular, stretches to allow a baby to grow e. The female may also be more colorful, though in the insect world, it can go either way. The handicap principle extends this idea, pointing out that a peacock's tail, for instance, displays fitness by being a useless impediment that it is very hard to fake. Clinics in rheumatic diseases. Oxytocin starts labor contractions. National University of Singapore. Taller stature is largely a result of later puberty and slower epiphyseal fusion. Secondary sexual characteristics appear during puberty. Converted into DHT in the skin, it accelerates growth of androgen -responsive facial and body hair but may slow and eventually stop the growth of head hair. Characteristics directly concerned with reproduction to tell males from females Secondary sex characteristics: Secondary sexual characteristics include human female breasts, human male facial hair, the mane on a male lion, and the bright, flashy plumage of many male birds and fishes. Some of the first changes in a boy are the growth of his testicles and growth of pubic hair. These secondary sexual characteristics are not used in reproduction, but are apparent in most sexually dimorphic species - species having two forms that are determined by their sex. AP Looking at them, could you guess which one is the male and which is the female? In the animal kingdom, there are some great differences among the various animal groups, but there are also many similarities, and their examples are typically in color, size, and physical feature differences e. Organ in which the male inserts his penis during intercourse d. This idea is known as the good genes hypothesis.

Secondary sex characteristics of the female

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  1. Ovulation generally occurs every 28 days- this is not when a female gets her period- cycle usually irregular for first year or so 3. In the insect world, there are interesting differences, too.

  2. Ronald Fisher , the English biologist developed a number of ideas concerning secondary characteristics in his book, including the Fisherian runaway , which postulates that the desire for a characteristic in females combined with that characteristic in males can create a positive feedback loop or runaway where the feature becomes hugely amplified. Lesson Summary Secondary sex characteristics are those physical features that allow us to tell males from females, such as breasts on women and beards on men.

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