Risks of electronically tagging sex offenders

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The electronic tagging move is part of a fresh attempt by the Government to increase protections for the public from serious sex offenders a year after a previous bid suffered a series of legislative delays and three years after the need for the action was first raised. The mooted name and shame sex offenders plan is similar to the Sarah's Law and Megan's Law rules in the US and UK which allow the people to find out the identity of a registered sex offender if they are living in their area. The review included 33 studies, 17 of which contained enough information for a meta-analysis. Both types of technology are cheaper than imprisonment, however.

Risks of electronically tagging sex offenders

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan will announce the fresh attempt to clamp down on the crimes today, as part of measures focused on prisoners after they are released from jail. General considerations The studies have different measures of crime, including re-conviction and re-imprisonment, re-arrest, and parole violations. The review identified that the effect was largely dependent on the agency or agencies responsible for overseeing and managing compliance and responding to breaches. By Christina Finn Wednesday 6 Jun , 8: Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan is set to announce a clamp down on Wednesday. Finally, although some technologies are more expensive than others, EM is always a cheaper alternative to prison, although it is more expensive than traditional parole or probation without this kind of monitoring. The mooted name and shame sex offenders plan is similar to the Sarah's Law and Megan's Law rules in the US and UK which allow the people to find out the identity of a registered sex offender if they are living in their area. Issues including dependency and the possible effect of outliers were controlled for within the analysis, increasing the confidence in the findings. The review also mentioned staffing issues, including the fact that staff involved in running an EM programme included personnel from a variety of agencies such as prison, probation, the police, monitoring companies and criminal justice agencies. A meta-analysis showed a non-significant decrease in re-offending amongst participants who were put on EM. Among the series of measures will be a request to allow judges to sign off on electronic monitoring for sex offenders who have already completed jail sentences. Information, communication and consent issues related to briefings provided to offenders and family members, as well as information exchange between monitoring companies and offender managers, were all identified by the review as being important for proper implementation. How strong is the evidence? As revealed in Wednesday's Irish Examiner, in cases where former prisoners are believed to be at risk of re-offending, gardai will also have the right to force them to wear electronic trackers. There are also provisions to allow for fingerprinting and photographing of the offender, where necessary to confirm their identity. Independent TD, Denis Naughten, has said that the Government is considering new measures, including electronic tagging, to tighten restrictions on sex offenders after they are released from prison. The General Scheme will now be published and submitted to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Justice and Equality for pre-legislative scrutiny. Under the plans, judges could be given new powers to protect the public and monitor people convicted of serious crimes. Further, three studies found that when offenders were put on EM instead of prison, as compared to when they were put on EM after prison, there was a statistically significant reduction in reoffending. Electronic tagging is currently used in some instances to monitor people who have been granted temporary released from jail to attend hospital. EM devices use either radio frequency RF or global positioning system GPS , can send information in real time or lagged, and can be applied at any time in the criminal justice system from pre-trial to post-prison release, including as an alternative sentence to prison or parole without electronic monitoring. The name and shame plan is part of a series of other measures which include plans to make sex offenders sign in with gardai every three days instead of every seven after leaving jail, and provide fingerprints and photographic ID to confirm their identity. Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan and Communications Minister Denis Naughten confirmed the draft plan after cabinet on Wednesday as part of a series of new measures aiming to ensure the public's safety. This allows the authorities to be alerted if the individual is either not at a specified location when they are expected to be such as at home overnight , or if they have entered an exclusion zone such as a playground if the offender is a sex offender. The situational mechanisms identified included increasing the risk of being caught re offending due to an increase in monitoring of the participant wearing the EM device.

Risks of electronically tagging sex offenders

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