Rapport pua

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The way people use their words in when they are long friends etc. It boils down to "Trust and Comfort". Here are ten methods to build rapport with anyone.

Rapport pua

Gestures — What are the common hand, face, arm gestures she makes? Its important to know though that changing your physiology can change what state you are in. Most of you on this forum know this but: Again how detailed you want to go into this is up to you. Again though feel free to play with her, slower tempo will convey relaxed state, get her to slow down. A lot of aspiring PUAs get stuck in their heads, worrying about the next move, but this is a real game killer. Its very influential over other people so use with care. Here are some suggestions on how to interpret the answers to these questions. So this post is intended to go over almost every aspect of what rapport is, how to and so forth. So be aware of what they are and how to manipulate Will get to that later! Either of these can bring a conversation to a dead stop. You may find that this becomes very natural quite quickly. Im not sure if the scientific names are entirely correct or if this actually happens but im pretty sure it does from experience, plus if its true in your head its true in your model of the world and therefore going to help your game! It will speed up the rapport. If a woman learns about you and this information makes her envious of you or your situation or social standing and curious to know more, she will take the time to "get to know you". Ok the basics of this advanced rapport building technique is that people experience life from your senses. Oh my god I love you! The problem with successful people giving advice like that is most of the time they are not aware of some of the things that make them so successful they are natural at it. Think about all the times someone has corrected your or tried to one-up you. If shes high chunking, chunk high too! This is just WAY better. I am not a psychologist, but do have a brief knowledge of psychology and a more This is possibly the strongest one, if you can lead her to change her breathing rate you can make her feel what ever state you want, be it excitement, relaxed or even horney. Most of us aren't living as we'd like to, sharing that desire brings you that much closer to achieving it. Generally a lower pitch is more seductive tone that will help get them to comply to your wishes, but if you stirring excitement raise the pitch etc. Speak slowly Confident, self-assured people speak slowly with purpose. This is a very important step, but a lot of aspiring PUAs make a huge mistake here:

Rapport pua

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