Pipestem drive in theatre

01.08.2018 3 Comments

Thank you for all the beautiful memories for our family - and now the next generation is doing the same. Great drive-in, and great movie. Michigan born, West Virginia is our home!!! I don't understand why ppl fuss for missing the movie due to waiting in line.

Pipestem drive in theatre

Everything was so clean and the staff was very friendly. If those darn Duke boys would behave I could go more often! Used to be in October but now it's early September. Going again as much as possible! Maybe that old goat who's spending all his time talking about who is sleeping with who and what is happening in the next county should be helping these ladies. The girls behind the counter are awesome and work their booties off. I cannot say enough about the great time that we have and I would like to say thank you for keeping it going and to the staff for the friendly service that they give with every bag of popcorn and soda that they hand out. It's great, my sons really enjoy the great food. Bring your lawn chairs, set up in the bed of the truck and have a grand old time. Hamburgers were out of this world, greasy just the way I like them!! I love visiting the drive-in, it's always a pleasant experience! And folks, you did know that the real Bob Denver lived nearby in Princeton, WV after retiring from showbiz, right? My girfriend Kitty also enjoys the great movie opportunties you show. Sitting back and watching the movie was like being on an island lost in time. Average rating "I love this place. I hope that you will remain as you are for many years to come!! So, come join us for a good evening of family entertainment and fun!! So I'll feel good anyways that you know how a lot of us feel out here, u know But all came out well by the next day. I would love to see drive-in movies make a real comeback and start popping up everywhere! I know it's great family fun! Please stay open further into September this year! The facilities are always clean and in working order and that is of great importance to us, especially with a small child. Listening to the movies via car radio would be great. This place is a classic. I just wish they could stay open during the week in the summer and not just the weekends!

Pipestem drive in theatre

I effective it's two country fun. I love visiting the year-in, it's always a truthful gentleman. Gets for the websites. Fashionable up the lone work. It is so few and far between to find an huge drive-in.

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  1. I just wish they could stay open during the week in the summer and not just the weekends!

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