Participation in treatment and civil commitment of sex offenders

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Amestoy of Vermont, Julio A. The jury decided that they qualified as sexually violent predators. Ieyoub of Louisiana, J. These include the right to a speedy trial, full right to counsel and, perhaps most importantly, the right to introduce testimony from a defendant's own experts.

Participation in treatment and civil commitment of sex offenders

Thus, as in Allen, "the State has a statutory obligation to provide 'care and treatment for [persons adjudged sexually dangerous] designed to effect recovery,'" U. He has been asked by Virginia sex inspectors, who are employed to enforce sex offender treatment, how many times a day he masturbates and what he thinks about when he masturbates, along with the details of actual sexual activities. He has failed to satisfy this heavy burden. Norton of Colorado, M. Decision[ edit ] The Supreme Court ruled against Hendricks in a 5—4 decision. Kansas, however, concedes that Hendricks' condition is treatable; yet the Act did not provide Hendricks or others like him with any treatment until after his release date from prison and only inadequate treatment thereafter. Accord, Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur v. But that's not always the case. Bronster of Hawaii, Alan G. The concern instead is whether it is the criminal system or the civil system which should make the decision in the first place. One of the girls to whom Hendricks exposed himself in testified as well. After listening to the state's prosecutor describe what Baughman might do if let out of jail, one perplexed juror was reported to have asked: Accepting the Kansas court's apparent determination that treatment is not possible for this category of individuals does not obligate us to adopt its legal conclusions. In addition, the Kansas Act does not make a criminal conviction a prerequisite for commitment-persons absolved of criminal responsibility may nonetheless be subject to confinement under the Act. The legislature further finds that the prognosis for rehabilitating sexually violent predators in a prison setting is poor, the treatment needs of this population are very long term and the treatment modalities for this population are very different than the traditional treatment modalities for people appropriate for commitment under the [general involuntary civil commitment statute]. This was based on written evaluations made years ago. The Court's opinion gives a full and complete explanation why an ex post facto challenge based on this contention cannot succeed in the action before us. The majority did not address Hendricks' ex post facto or double jeopardy claims. We have previously concluded that an Illinois statute was nonpunitive even though it was triggered by the commission of a sexual assault, explaining that evidence of the prior criminal conduct was "received not to punish past misdeeds, but primarily to show the accused's mental condition and to predict future behavior. III We hold that the Kansas Sexually Violent Predator Act comports with due process requirements and neither runs afoul of double jeopardy principles nor constitutes an exercise in impermissible ex post facto lawmaking. See Foucha, supra, at 80; Addington v. The Kansas Supreme Court's contrary conclusion rested primarily upon that court's view that Hendricks would not qualify for civil commitment under Kansas' own state civil commitment statute. Nor does anyone argue that Kansas somehow could have violated the Due Process Clause's treatment. He further opined that pedophilia qualifies as a "mental abnormality" within the Act's definition of that term. Brief for Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers as Amicus Curiae stating that "sex offenders can be treated" and that "increasing evidence" shows that "state-of-the-art treatment programs Contrary to Hendricks' assertion, the term "mental illness" is devoid of any talismanic significance. But the very presence and vigor of this debate is important.

Participation in treatment and civil commitment of sex offenders

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