Nov 4 2017 emp

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You will solve problems, and make a lot of new friends in your team. The purpose of the training is to prepared for an event we hope will never happen, but should be ready for if it ever does. Use the 60 meter band. Are we not going to have light for thoes days?

Nov 4 2017 emp

Yes, will will actually practice a solar storm scenario, go off the air, protect our radio equipment. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. While I strive for realism when planning exercises, turning off the electricity all across the US is way above my pay-grade, so we just have to simulate that. Readers also asked about different variations of the rumor on Facebook and Twitter, most of which claims that there would be an extended loss of power: No, there will not really be a solar storm. Build an effective station. Also the same claim states there will be total darkness from Nov 15 thru the 30th and everyone should be prepared not only with food and water, but with ammunition and firepower. In response to our e-mail inquiry about the rumors, Paul English explained that there would be no loss of power, and that they hold the exercise quarterly and have for years: Our focus is to interoperate with the amateur radio community. Routine communication interoperability training happens four times each year and involves various divisions of the Department of Defense, along with amateur radio operators and MARS organizations. Go to the link and fill out the on line form. Keeping track of the various protest groups calendar of events is more than a little out of our lane. While a training exercise is happening during that time period, the outcome has been exaggerated by false reports being shared on social media. These exercises are all about coordinating existing capabilities like amateur radio, and citizen volunteers like MARS members, to be a productive part of the solution in the event something like a severe solar storm ever happens. Most of all, you will be part of the solution to big problems like how to recover from a severe solar storm. Both MARS and English explicitly stated no blackout would occur in relation to the exercise, a quarterly training which began in and antedated Antifa. Keeping track of the various protest groups calendar of events is more than a little out of our lane. I found this video on Facebook. The video warns that the Department of Defense will be using an electromagnetic pulse to shutdown the power grid November — and that everyone needs to prepare now. Become proficient with your computer, learn to restore your software and operating system, learn how to set up and maintain basic networks. Yes the ARRL announcement about this exercise is legitimate. No, we did not plan this to coincide with any particular protest. Updated 3 November Published 31 October Claim The Department of Defense has planned communications drills to coincide with "antifa protests" on 4 November The claims state there is info on the DoD website concerning this. Will there be a black out on November 4th through November 6th? Resulting from the CME is the simulated…notional power and communication outages. The announcement released on October 24 has not been widely distributed to the media, because the drill is simulating a total grid collapse and could spark public fear….

Nov 4 2017 emp

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