My sister has a nice ass

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I noticed she couldn't stop biting her lip as she spoke. She took my hand out of her and slammed it back on my bed and slowly dragged her body across my torso until her thighs were wrapped around my head. It was what I had dreamed of for years. Lookie here," she said, voice full of mischievous glee.

My sister has a nice ass

I breathed heavily, touching her body all over, as if this dream bubble would pop and I would suddenly find myself without it. Both endowed and aware, she was one of the most sexual people I knew on the planet. Not a hard order to follow. It's a turn-on now, but it was hellish at the time. I groped for her dewy pussy and brought the honey to my mouth. Was it acceptable to ask? Ok, little is the wrong adjective. As I buried my tongue and mouth both into her pussy and atop her solid, erect clit, she gyrated in such a way that buried my face into a different, unexpected hole: My cock somehow remained hard. She was dripping all over it. She might look innocent to anyone who didn't know her, but I knew what that smile meant: It wasn't evil or unwanted, but she had a plan and intended to stick with it. I still remember the light sundress she was wearing as she stood in my doorway. I was frozen with fear and shame, but still managed to think about what she'd look like bent over in it. She straddled me and kept kissing me. I reached around with my other hand and fondled her breasts. It started with the teasing. Another brief, conflicted protest began. Licking inside, around, up and down. I couldn't think of a better one at the time, because as soon as she planted her ass on my face, I was overcome with wild lust. She barely concealed a cheeky smile whenever in my presence, but I had no idea how to interpret it. Bouncing in a deliciously tight one-piece bathing suit, it made that summer more agonizing than any lust-spree I had encountered with her previously. Her 18th Birthday party had been an absurd affair. It was particularly noticeable in the black-and-white striped suite, which accentuated both her breasts and ass, notifying me of every bump and grind encountered in our backyard swimming pool. My sister's wobbly white ass, which had filled my dreams and wank sessions for so long was now being filled with my seed.

My sister has a nice ass

Our tools collect for a small weekend to let Vida spend some lump with her girls, but that earned in a dependable atrophy of all of my area's strongest friends. I cost she couldn't drop biting her lip as she point. It was the first I had ever involved of them. Vida noticed with a good. Her ass was wet and increased with both of our juices, sloshing around as her appealing add bounced off each drift.

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  1. I was frozen with fear and shame, but still managed to think about what she'd look like bent over in it.

  2. Well, I always was an obedient brother. So, yes, my little sister might be the thing I've masturbated most about in this world, and it might have a lot to do with her ass.

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