My 19th birthday quotes

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The arrival of my special day has reminded me that there are so many things that a person my age should know! Most people change when they age; I always manage to stay thirty-five! Lord, I will never stop thanking You for the gift of life you have blessed me with. I bet that one day, you will look back to this year so let us make it into something to remember.

My 19th birthday quotes

Happy 19th birthday, you may be a nerd at school but with people you love, you are special. And your welcome for being such an awesome kid. I love getting older. This is not one of those birthdays! Here is to me, on my birthday! Appreciate this year for it is the last take you get at being a teenager, at making the mistakes that you want to make, the risks that you need to take. Some days are more glorious than others! Keep fighting for what you know is right and soon enough you will make changes in the world. Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me and you are welcome to all you fellow year-olds. You have a strong soul, something that is rarely seen out of teenagers nowadays, my friend. I have been amazed at how many of you remembered my birthday. Hey guys, I finally figured out what the wonder years are all about- these days all I do is wonder where things are, like my phone, my wallet, my car. Father, please send your Holy Angels to protect me today and forever. Happy 19th birthday, being with you true those adventures have truly been a pleasure to me. Happy 19th birthday, thank you for all the energy and positivity that you have brought to us. Dear parents, thanks for remembering me on my big day. You are a year closer to becoming an adult so do all those things in your teenage bucket list! Let the world know how lucky it is to have a person like you and make a change in it, friend. Here is to me, on my very, special day! It is the gap year that you take when you still want to explore the world before you hit it and do the responsibilities that you have on hand, it is the year that you need to make the most of because there is no turning back. Another year older and still as sexy as ever! Calories are non-existent on birthdays! Happy Birthday to my dearest self! Dear self, stay calm and know that fun is on the way… um, actually, you forgot to order the cake and invite all the people, so it may be a while. As I wish myself a Happy Birthday, I can not help but think of all of the things that getting older brings with it….

My 19th birthday quotes

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  1. There is more to life than just sitting around or partying, you need to think of your future now. On my birthday, I might celebrate with the youth and vigor of someone who can dance and party, all night or in the manner of someone who can eat too much cake and pass out on the sofa watching a bad movie…I am pretty sure I am going to pass out on the sofa!

  2. Turning a year older has made me wonder about certain things, like how much longer can I get away with telling people that I am twenty-five? Lord, please today is my special day and I want to pray for your divine guidance and blessings so that I may experience true happiness all my days on earth.

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