Ministry in australia to people struggling with same sex attraction

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He has spent the past decade helping Christians who have gone through ''ex-gay'' programs and been told they were sick, dysfunctional and abnormal. Venn-Brown stresses that the Australian ''ex-gay'' movement has shrunk and become more marginalised than it was when he went through homosexual ''healing'' in the s. Lawson, who married her long-term girlfriend in Britain in , said she was suicidal during her Exodus years, living in ''constant fear'' and feeling like an ''abomination''. After his successful conversion, Keane teamed up with his wife to run support groups for other Christians ''struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction''. They do not focus on recovering one's heterosexual potential, but rather on learning to overcome the temptation to sin by giving over one's life to Jesus Christ and by building healthy fellowship with others who share in similar struggles.

Ministry in australia to people struggling with same sex attraction

Modelled on America's ''ex-gay'' groups, all have fundamentalist Christian roots. Both programs involved workbooks and prayer sessions. Shaun says while he saw others psychologically damaged by ''ex-gay'' programs, he never experienced that himself. Helen Kelly, producer of a new documentary about ''ex-gay'' therapy called The Cure, says her research uncovered many participants of so-called ''reparative'' programs struggling with depression, anxiety and self-harm. One Person's Journey out of Homosexuality. Then her brother walked in. Every week for three months, he met about 40 homosexual men and women at inner-Sydney churches. There are at least 15 such outfits across Australia. He came across Liberty Christian Ministries Incorporated. The group was founded by Anthony Venn-Brown, a former leader in the Assemblies of God who for 22 years tried to change his homosexuality through psychiatric treatment, exorcisms, ''ex-gay'' programs and day fasts. They sat on the couch and talked a while. He is able to bring fulfillment into your life unlike anybody else. Gay fantasies were to be suppressed by envisioning a stop sign. Another option is to attend one of Courage's annual conferences. Helpful resources are also listed below. Asked whether he supported Liberty Christian Ministries' position on the issue and the notion that homosexuality was a treatable condition, the Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, said in a statement that it was not a major issue in Anglican churches. Keane has since retired from Liberty Christian Ministries and written a book - Choices: Married for 16 years with two daughters, Venn-Brown eventually conceded he could not change his sexuality. While local ''reparative'' programs generally avoid attention, their American counterparts have been hampered by the public renouncement of dozens of former leaders and participants. Courage A Roman Catholic ministry that helps same-sex attracted men and women live chaste, holy and fulfilled lives, in accordance with the official teaching of the Catholic Church. For areas without a chapter, Courage's head office in New York does provide assistance to same-sex attracted persons and their loved ones via email and phone. It is difficult to establish how widespread such programs are in Sydney, or how many churches refer congregants to groups that ''heal'' homosexuality. Venn-Brown believes ''ex-gay'' programs inflict deep psychological damage, and says he will not rest until every last one has been shut down. Jensen said that in his experience, the best support was not ''therapy'' but ''friendship, love and prayer, guided by God's word. Nervously, he told his co-leader, Wendy Lawson - who stunned him by revealing she was quitting, too.

Ministry in australia to people struggling with same sex attraction

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  1. Men, he says, were taught how to speak in a monotone and walk ''without swishing'' while women were encouraged to ''wear the Laura Ashley look''. Gay fantasies were to be suppressed by envisioning a stop sign.

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