Michael shermer why people believe weird things

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And skepticism, and the questioning attitude it fosters, is indeed something that is lacking in today's world where people are too complacent, too ready to simply follow what information is most present in the media. There are exceptions I'm sure. Holocaust denial is less of a "weird thing" than a political choice, and Shermer's treatment of the problem is harder to follow and seems more subjective than other issues. He describes meeting and arguing with the deniers and lays out their arguments then shows evidence to support his own statements.

Michael shermer why people believe weird things

He also spends a great deal of time looking at holocaust deniers and their arguments; perhaps too much time. It is probably because he has written a book about the subject Denying History that he devotes so much space to the subject, but it seems somewhat out of place. After all, enough Americans think they've seen Elvis Presley to ensure the sales of tabloid newspapers, but it is entirely possible that this belief is fostered by such newspapers themselves through their repeated reports of Elvis sightings. I would have liked to see some coverage of more commonplace beliefs: The courts have been solicited, and the Supreme Court even came down against this, but the movement to force teachers to present creationism as if it were a fact is strong. He closes retelling how a constitutional ban on teaching creationism in public schools was narrowly upheld at the Supreme Court of the United States in Understanding the rigorous constraints of science, how it is self-correcting, and how scientists rely on reproducible proof, are key concepts in developing a healthy, questioning attitude. There are exceptions I'm sure. In part five Shermer relates Frank J. That people may believe "weird things" is partly a result of their culture and upbringing, and partly related to their experience, including presentations of "weird things" in the media. Holocaust denial is less of a "weird thing" than a political choice, and Shermer's treatment of the problem is harder to follow and seems more subjective than other issues. The first 40 students will receive a confirmation email and a reading list, furthermore they will be asked to send 1 or 2 questions before March 8. That man hates Jews so bad it must keep him awake at night. This allows you to see that those beliefs that do not meet the exacting standards of the scientific method cannot be proven. For in the end, one of the most powerful tools we have as human beings is our ability to question things, especially those we take for granted. While Shermer gets the big picture right in the early chapters, the dense detail in the Holocaust denial section drags the book down some. His arguments are cogent and lucid, and he avoids the sometimes whining shout-fests that pit creationists against atheists. The longest sections of the book take on the more-substantive issues of creationism and Holocaust denial. From alien abductions to ESP, from witch-hunts to recovered memories, Shermer shows how this type of analysis can determine what is fact and what is unfounded belief. More information Interessante links: In his last chapter, added to the revised version, Shermer explains why he believes that "intelligent people" can be more susceptible to believing in weird things than others. This round the table discussion is not part of a curriculum and students will not receive ECTS for participating. That really applies to any belief that has no basis in fact or science. Reviews[ edit ] According to Reason magazine, "Shermer's episodic book covers a wide range of subjects, in a wide range of manners. In part two Shermer explains paranormal thinking and how one comes to believe in things without evidence. It might be very personally rewarding, but don't go shouting it is the truth, the only truth and all those who don't believe in it are idiots A maximum of 40 students can attend this discussion.

Michael shermer why people believe weird things

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