Kings and queens of britain timeline

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English possessions in France are reduced to the areas of Bordeaux and Calais. Storming of the Bastille. Southern states unsuccessfully seek to involve Britain which has sufficient cotton from Egypt and India, but needs the Union North's grain. The grave is rediscovered beneath a car park years later in and his bones reburied in Leicester Cathedral in March

Kings and queens of britain timeline

George VI and his family refused to leave London during the Blitz and his daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret, served in uniform, which helped garner much respect for the monarchy. However when his brother George IV died in without an heir, William became king. American forces stopped from invading Canada. He was the first British monarch to visit Russia and founded the Order of Merit for distinguished service in science, art or literature. Henry VI is captured and his wife, Margaret, escapes to Scotland. Battle of Newbury is indecisive. Margaret is defeated at the Battle of Tewkesbury; her son Edward, Prince of Wales, heir to the Lancastrian throne is killed in battle. It is less extreme than its predecessors - Elizabeth founds Westminster School - Hawkins and Drake make first slave-trading voyage to America. William's Earls are given lands driving out the Anglo Saxon lords. Its success is largely due to Prince Albert. She inspires the French army which relieves Orleans besieged by English troops. His coronation was the first since the Norman Conquest in which the King's address was in English instead of Norman French. In response to the appeal, Henry sends a force led by Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke, thereby beginning the English settlement of Ireland. Harold is killed and, after subduing the south of the country William is crowned King of England. Naturally shy and nurturing a speech impediment which made public speaking extremely difficult, George, however, took on the role with courage and worked to overcome his inhibitions. He is succeeded by his son Richard Cromwell - Richard Cromwell is forced to resign. He makes peace with Margaret, returns to England with an army, and Edward flees to Flanders. He died in in the midst of a constitutional crisis about the Liberal budget of He explores miles of the Orinoco searching for El Dorado. He imprisons his mother for the rest of her life. Two thirds of central London is destroyed and 65, are left homeless. William now rules alone. They land at Cape Cod and found New Plymouth. He dies a year later and Mary returns to Scotland. He is effectively the first Prime Minister. He abdicates but returns from Elba. Supporters of the Dukes of York and Lancaster take sides.

Kings and queens of britain timeline

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