K2 the savage mountain

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The failures were also attributed to sickness Crowley was suffering the residual effects of malaria , a combination of questionable physical training, personality conflicts, and poor weather conditions—of 68 days spent on K2 at the time, the record for the longest time spent at such an altitude only eight provided clear weather. It recounts two legendary events in the annals of high altitude mountaineering, and is worth reading for this alone. Despite these daunting obstacles, the group set off, carrying and lowering Gilkey in a makeshift litter. The expedition ended with the death of Vitaly Gorelik due to frostbite and pneumonia. It may have been a compound name invented by Western explorers [13] or simply a bemused reply to the question "What's that called?

K2 the savage mountain

The last major obstacle is a narrow couloir known as the " Bottleneck ", which places climbers dangerously close to a wall of seracs which form an ice cliff to the east of the summit. When I asked Segarra if she is preoccupied by the fate of her predecessors, her face darkens. It being too dark to ascend or descend, Mehdi and Bonatti were forced to overnight without shelter above 8, meters leaving the oxygen tanks behind as requested when they descended. Her great hero is the Italian Walter Bonatti who chose one final great climb to show the world what he could do and then quit. She was a real climber. Feb 28, Henry Wright rated it it was amazing There is an understated quality to this account of the American expedition that reflects the integrity and commitment to each other that characterized what is now referred to as the 'old school' approach to planning a summit bid. The first being the extremely high altitude and resulting lack of oxygen: She looks like she's been painted by Picasso. Segarra has been to K2 twice, attempting its most difficult route on the north face in , before returning last year to the south for what proved to be a season of storms and bad weather. I have the anxious feeling that I've been here before. Otherwise, Segarra is slight and feminine and animated. In the early s, modern transportation did not exist in the region: But only two men have climbed K2 more than once; the total number of ascents is just Many of those have been climbers struggling to return to base camp after reaching the summit. I hope I see her again. They did no There is an understated quality to this account of the American expedition that reflects the integrity and commitment to each other that characterized what is now referred to as the 'old school' approach to planning a summit bid. But throughout the summer of she was unsettled by the ever-changing weather. Wanda Rutkiewicz, the first woman to climb K2, once said that climbers are the masters and mistresses of denial. Art Gilkey was struck with thrombophlebitis high on K2, becoming so incapacitated by it that he was unable to climb. This route is almost entirely made up of rock crevasses and snow-covered couloirs. Segarra was intimately mixed up in the chaos on Everest in that inspired Jon Krakauer's bestseller Into Thin Air. Everest has a legitimate Tibetan name - Chomolungma - but no one lives remotely near K2 and no true local name exists. Another Pole, Dobroslawa Wolf, tried for the summit but died as she fought her way back down, a victim of exhaustion and hypoxia. Three years later, on 5 July , he reached the summit via the Abruzzi Spur double with Broad Peak West Face solo as a member of Agostino da Polenza's international expedition. West Face Technical difficulty at high altitude, first climbed by a Russian team in

K2 the savage mountain

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  1. The ascent is controversial because Lacedelli and Compagnoni established their camp at a higher elevation than originally agreed with Mehdi and Bonatti.

  2. Melt waters from vast glaciers, such as those south and east of K2, feed agriculture in the valleys and contribute significantly to the regional fresh-water supply. The K2 Gneiss is separated from the surrounding sedimentary and metasedimentary rocks of the surrounding Karakoram Metamorphic Complex by normal faults.

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