Jeep commander gas mileage 2007

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I went to junkyards to find more affordable replacements at 50 dollars a pop. At 35K the bushings were shot in the front end and replaced under warrantee. It had 23k on it when I bought it.

Jeep commander gas mileage 2007

I have changed front and rear differential fluids twice. This is why they do what they do. I have had to put 3 new batteries in it. Very safe and secure all around good vehicle. The real secret to better mileage in the Commander is in addition to the synthetic oil a must and its cheaper in the long run as it gets 15K between oil changes is to turn off the "Traction Control" everytime you start the car. I wouldn't own anything else this was my jeep and it will be all I ever drive again Also, I heard on the news that Chrysler is going through some financial hardship. That is just to fix a default I feel is poorly built on their end. I also installed a Magnaflow "quiet" performance muffler as well. They blew me off!!! Someone took Chrylser to court and Chrylser won claiming the women kept bumping the keys which is what caused her engine to stall. Change 60k mile tires on it 3 times. I have had to have fan belt replaced once and fan replaced once. There has been alot of vehicles come and gone that have tried to copy the Jeep, but it still stands, and it stands alone. We couldn't recommend this vehicle more highly! We were just talking about how not a single week has passed since we bought our Commander 3 years that someone has not approached us or stopped us in a parking lot, to remark on the beauty of the vehicle. Now that it is 6 years old- I have a few complaints- they are: It did not, the chevy and ford trucks put me to shame. Gas mileage good, I would recommend a Jeep Commander to anyone mine has all the bells and whistles and it is a V-8 gas mileage on highway set on cruise I get mpg in town 16 mpg if you gun it gas mileage goes very low anywhere from mph I have crossed many dirt roads and trees down that were small enough. I had a lot of trouble with the dealer on warrantee as the computer was replaced 3 times. But as far as repairs to the way it runs- I have had to change oil regularly, change spark plugs twice- there is 16 of them with the hemi. It now has k miles on it, I have 3 kids. I have trouble with my legs and this vehicle has all the room I could ask for to stretch my legs or move them around, whatever I need. In town we are getting around 13 mpg, and on the highway around 16 to 17mpg. It is beautiful, reliable, pulls our trailer with ease, comfortable, even seats 7; who could ask for more from their vehicle.

Jeep commander gas mileage 2007

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  1. I usually had problems driving or riding miles round trip, but we made plus trip this past summer and I did fine.

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