How to talk to my son about sex

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You may also want to share relationship stories from your past. These chats can be depressing, but support kids to find their power, and point out positive examples of individuals who have overcome stereotypes. Part of your job is to help your son develop sexual ethics that will guide his behavior. For example, talk frankly about how sharing nude or sexually explicit photos of themselves or their peers may be illegal. Give up on the idea of presenting the subject in one big talk -- you'll overwhelm your child with more bewildering and even distasteful information than she can process at once.

How to talk to my son about sex

So we asked the experts how and when to cover everything from sex and puberty to gender identity and consent. So it's a good idea to explain erections even to very young boys in a low-key way, making sure they understand that there's nothing shameful about a natural body response that they often have no control over. Part of your job is to help your son develop sexual ethics that will guide his behavior. About the Author The Good Men Project We're having a conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. For example, you could compare photos of when they were little with what they look like now. Keep your explanations as simple and specific to the discussion as you can. The odds are good that your son has seen pornography. Establish rules around talking to strangers and sharing photos online, as well as what to do if your child comes across something that makes her feel uncomfortable. That means incorporating the proper names for genitals into everyday activities like bath time. At this age, your child might begin asking how babies are made. You may want to explain that kissing another person's private parts is another way of having sex; that even though a girl can't get pregnant this way, it's possible to transmit dangerous diseases through oral sex; and that oral sex, just like the other kind, entails feeling love, commitment, and regard for the person with whom it's performed. For example, drop the idea that all boys have penises and all girls have vaginas. By being as inquisitive as you can, without tipping off your child that you're snooping -- at this age, kids absolutely don't want to feel that their parents are looking over their shoulder. Acceptability of hookups, FWB, etc. The hardest part, of course, is staying composed. Earlier than you probably think. And answering her questions matter-of-factly is one more way of reassuring her that she can trust you to discuss sex calmly with her. You can be sure the book will be read, and it may ease her fears and help her feel more comfortable about talking to you about sexual issues and feelings. Your son needs to be able to tell his partner that he gives consent and he needs to be able to hear consent from his partner. Talking about masturbation is embarrassing for both you and your child, but it's important to let her know that there's nothing shameful or abnormal about sexually stimulating herself. Related to your values, you should specify an age at which you think your son will be both physically and emotionally mature enough to have sex. Talking about sex can go hand-in-hand with another key topic: Acceptable age of first sex. If you can stand it, listen to your child's favorite radio stations for a while. This means your son will probably have more than one partner before marriage. You might want to start this conversation off or simply let her know that you're willing to have it whenever she wants with a casual question or remark:

How to talk to my son about sex

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  1. His sexual upbringing needs to involve a series of talks — call it a conversation — over years. What should I say to my child about masturbation?

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