How to deal with blamers at home

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Rather than harming us, then, the other's blame can then be used as a red flag, to remind us to return to our heart to discover what is actually so for us -- separate from the other and their story. Blame as Shame I once had a manager who always blamed me when things did not turn out as planned. Common Personality Traits of Blamers 1.

How to deal with blamers at home

There are your chronic blamers and situational blamers. Not all blamers are alike. You will never win, because a blamer is never wrong. And yet, we can't always change the way another person relates to us, or who they need us to be for them. Further, we do not need to convince the other of who we are to be who we are. That goes for what they say to you or about you as well. Blamers are also constantly criticizing you and other people, and constantly making negative comments about people. The only real way to deal with a blamer is to change your reaction to them. Sometimes I am shocked to learn—after the fact—what his expectations were! Blamers are the most difficult type of negative person to deal with, and dealing with them often leaves you stressed, depressed, and feeling guilty for things that are not your fault. If we find that there is validity in what they are telling us, we can take a good look at what they are pointing to, and try to use their words as a lesson and opportunity to grow. The questions I raised included: If you know a blamer, then this probably sounds pretty familiar. In fact they will guilt trip you into it if you don't do it. But usually when a blamer says these kinds of things, it is their own faults they are pointing out. How do we proceed when someone that matters to us assigns us negative intentions that are not ours? Nothing nice ever comes out of their mouth. Even if your way is better, you cannot reason with a blamer. If you find yourself alone with a blamer, keep your conversations brief, but informative, friendly and firm, but ultimately emotionless and opinion-less and then cut the conversation short as soon as possible. Building confidence is hard, but you can read books on the subject, and work hard at it every day until it happens, until you believe in yourself. We have not yet developed a private experience of ourselves that can refute the character they need us to be. Blamers will not change their ways, and they will not compromise. Maybe that person is your parent or sibling, maybe that person is your roommate and you can't move, or even worse, your boss, the guy who never has anything nice to say, and you have to look at pictures of kittens and rainbows just to get through the day. Will never take responsibility for their mistake A blamer refuses to admit they have ever done anything wrong. There are no positives, ever, for them. Blame as Shame I once had a manager who always blamed me when things did not turn out as planned.

How to deal with blamers at home

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  1. If the person is not able to answer a few questions—or if they actually become more emotional—then you can be sure that you will not be able to have any meaningful or real conversation with them until their rationality returns. They make manipulation look easy.

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