How to cure love addiction

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To have them playing god is too much to ask. I made a decision to leave my spiritual community, to seek other ways to grow and develop. This is why, at my fourth and final treatment center, I was admitted for both substance-use disorder and love addiction. Those voices inside our heads which feed our deepest insecurities.

How to cure love addiction

So I tried love. In this moment, at only 30 days sober from substances, and still active in my love addiction — I had no healthy relationships with females. Drink the sadness away. The emotional pain of losing a loved one or facing rejection often feels overwhelming for this person, and since love addiction involves the same areas of the brain as other types of addiction, this person may easily transition to drugs or alcohol. Here are 5 ways I faced my love addiction: The slipping, sliding, and easing back into negative and unhealthy narratives. When family members and friends point out addictive behavior, the addicted person may respond with denial, aggression, or hostility. In other words, I was using men in another attempt to escape pain. Consequently, without this nurturing, a child may develop poor self-esteem, lack in confidence, and insecurity. Something beautiful has become disfigured. Unhealthy habits to cope with emotional pain. I discovered that if I could not get high off my drug of choice, then I would replace my drug with men. I threw the book at it. I was in treatment for my addiction to Xanax , Adderall , and Opiates, but it was apparent that there was something more that needed to be treated. A person who is unhappy in every relationship has a higher chance of being addicted to love than a person with a few happy relationships and one unhappy relationship. I was able to see it with a new pair of glasses. So, can too much love really be a bad thing? I used to believe that having a partner made me a complete person. It can sound like this: So where does the healing for love addiction begin? I wanted someone to make me feel like I was worthy. This is why, at my fourth and final treatment center, I was admitted for both substance-use disorder and love addiction. I know because I did the same and now [my boyfriend] has hurt me and left. And this feeling of euphoria or intoxication can result simply from the thought of a lover, which creates a craving for this lover, making the beloved the sole focus of the addict. Shared affection and mutual growth as individuals and as a couple contribute to a constructive relationship. Love addiction affects family, friendships, and romantic relationships too. The white carpet was never designed to be trashed like that.

How to cure love addiction

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  1. Love is not an obsession. Love is not a possession or the pursuit of possessing any one person or people.

  2. No one can meet our deepest needs, no matter how hard we try Just looking at this definition makes us think of how many people, including ourselves, in one way or another fit this description.

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