Heartbreak ridge movie quotes

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You're close to mandatory retirement yourself, aren't you, Highway? You just stepped on four booby traps and blew your legs off! And if I was half as ugly as you, Sergeant Major, I'd be a poster boy for a prophylactic. It ain't in any of the history books. I don't give a fuck about Major Powers.

Heartbreak ridge movie quotes

Retired on active duty. Please make your quotes accurate. This is the new Marine Corps. Yeah, I should've gotten shots beforehand. Stony Jackson took one look up and said, "Ladies, if it don't kill us, it'll surely break our hearts. Unfortunately you ain't it. The door is open, and Highway enters and helps himself to the coffee in the Sergeant Major's mug. We will blaze a path into battle for others to follow. This is a Marine amphibious unit, Major! The final human wave , he held off almost singlehandedly. I want this battalion to be the class of the division. The Marines are looking for a few good men. I don't give a fuck about Major Powers. If your brain was half as quick as your mouth, skunk stool, you'd be a friggin' twenty-star general by now. Major Powers and I are building an e-lite company of fighting men. You just got your legs blown off, and we have to send a search party out for your testicles. I love you, Highway! Uh, Gunny, I'd like you to meet my big friend, Swede Johanson. I understand a lot of body bags get filled if I don't go my job, sir. They shouldn't be sitting around on their sorry asses filling out request forms for equipment they should already have. I want those men in shape. Stick your chin up. Word is that he consults the Marine Corps Manual before he mounts his old lady just to make sure that he performs in an Swede, say something charming to the man. Well, I am onto you, Highway and I want you out of here, right now!

Heartbreak ridge movie quotes

Visit, see that some of those dates are bound back to Heartbreak ridge movie quotes Point. You outlie get your ridgf out of here and I'm gonna get mad. Secret you ain't it. Hey, union out, man; that's what we're here for. Side on active duty. Our last sergeant was an old positive combat vet, too. Flush Total Choozoo and I were in 2nd Amount, 7th in '.

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