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Imagine having a new adventure with a new girl… every single day. So, I have a question for you: Meet the girl next door. Our videos will teach you how to SEE it happening.

Go simplepickup

The excuses we come up with often hold us back for years. The results are eye-opening and often hilarious. Try Project Go and see for yourself. Personally, I love the videos they put out and find them both entertaining and informative. What do you think women are most attracted to? Learning what I did saved my life. This nervousness is going to metamorphosize into excitement once you're inside Project Go You will never be alone; no matter where you are in pickup, there are thousands of guys right alongside with you. Getting out of the friendzone is one of the first things you'll tackle once you join Project Go. That someone can be you. I'd be more than happy to personally answer it for you. Make Small Talk Sexy to really understand and implement what you see in the Project Go infield videos. You have questions, we have answers: It will help you understand why they act a certain way, why they test guys, what makes them intrigued, what turns them on, what makes them chase a guy, and what they need in a man. It's the moment you let go of your ego and accept that you will change. Much of what attracts women is non-verbal -- what's underneath the words themselves. I watched him kiss a girl by gently pulling her in by the waist… then I tried it — and it worked. Project Go shows you every step of this process. Once you join our private forum, you'll notice people from everywhere in the world having success. This is really great to see for Asian guys who have any trouble attracting Caucasian girls. But that's just the beginning I officially lost my virginity during my 2nd month of Project Go. The guy usually wraps his arm around the chick's back, while his hand hovers over her shoulder or waist, afraid to touch her. We're going to kick your ass into gear and literally force you to take action. We call it "chasing bigfoot.

Go simplepickup

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  1. It slowly chipped away at my soul… quietly nudging me deeper and deeper into depression. It's the moment you feel a little scared, because you know something big is on the horizon.

  2. It's almost like you're "tricking" your mind into dating success, just from watching experts perform it over and over again.

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