Galaxy of terror worm sex scene

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Plot[ edit ] On a desolate, storm-lashed planet called Morganthus, the last survivor of a crashed spaceship is attacked and killed by an undead crew member. They discover a massive pyramid-shaped structure, which Alluma describes as "empty" and "dead". On another planet a very long distance away, two figures are seen playing a strange game.

Galaxy of terror worm sex scene

However, his arm uses the remaining throwing Star to impale him. They find an opening at the top of the pyramid and use a rope to slide Ilvar in; Ilvar is attacked by tentacles that drain his blood. The team disposes of all of the bodies except one which they take back for analysis. This is the first instance that we see, that it is the fear of the individual crew members that are manifesting to kill them. The initial writing of the scene had the maggot only stripping and consuming a topless Dameia, but producer Roger Corman had promised financial backers of the movie a sex scene involving O'Connell, so he merged the two ideas together. Edward Albert as Cabren, an experienced and cool-headed space veteran who is the film's main protagonist Erin Moran as Alluma, the ship's empath Ray Walston as Kore, the ship's cook Taaffe O'Connell as Dameia, the ship's technical officer Bernard Behrens as Commander Ilvar, the overall commander of the mission Zalman King as Baelon, the rescue unit's team leader Robert Englund as Ranger, the ship's second technical officer Sid Haig as Quuhod, crewman and crystal thrower Grace Zabriskie as Captain Trantor, the ship's troubled captain James Cameron[ edit ] While known as a " B movie king", Roger Corman has started the careers of many prominent Hollywood people with his films. One maggot grows to giant size and kills Dameia. The throwing stars reform; when Quuhod picks it up, a piece breaks off and begins sliding through his skin, forcing him to sever his arm. The visuals of the final released scene in film and VHS versions later DVD and Blu-ray disc as well combined with O'Connell's verbalization still leave no doubt as to what happens to the character; in fact, the scene was still too explicit for many countries, who either required it be deleted or denied the film a release entirely. In the interview, he stated that the cuts involved either very brief shots of O'Connell's face as her character expressed "rhapsodic and ecstatic" looks that too clearly indicated forced arousal and pleasure at being raped, or lewd "humping" motions made by the giant worm while the nude Dameia is ensnared in its tentacles underneath it, motions that obviously simulated sexual intercourse occurring between the two. The remaining crew return to the pyramid. Among the crew is a psi-sensitive woman named Alluma Erin Moran. There, Baelon elects to stay behind and is torn apart by a monster. Cult status[ edit ] Although released to little fanfare and some ridicule in , the movie has gradually taken on cult status, largely due to Taaffe O'Connell's role as Dameia. They find an alternate entrance, though Quuhod breaks his crystal throwing stars and remains by the entrance. Alluma is attacked by tentacles which crush her head, while Ranger is attacked by his double. Back on the ship, Ranger catches sight of Trantor on the security cameras as she spontaneously combusts. Kizer reveals that the originally filmed version of the "Dameia" O'Connell character's death scene changed significantly as the movie was made. The film's trailer, which still exists online, shows what may be an unaltered view of one of the full nudity shots, containing a slightly different aspect than the one in the final movie. Without delay, the spaceship Quest blasts off to Morganthus, piloted by Captain Trantor Grace Zabriskie , a survivor of a famous space disaster that has left her psychologically scarred and unstable. One, an old woman named Mitri, is identified as the controller of the game while the other, whose head is obscured by a glowing ball of red light, turns out to be an all-powerful mystic called the Planet Master. He races to save her, but by the time he reaches her, her skin has completely burned off. The Master explains that the pyramid is actually an ancient toy for the children of a long-extinct race, built in order to test their ability to control fear. On July 20, , Shout! In an interview shown on the Blu-ray Disc, Corman stated that the character of Dameia as re-written had a fear of sex as well as a fear of worms. Taaffe O'Connell and "the worm sex scene"[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources.

Galaxy of terror worm sex scene

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  1. His ability to find low-tech solutions to such problems reportedly made him a favorite of Corman and eventually allowed him to pursue more ambitious projects. She and other team members have significant problems with pushy and arrogant team leader Baelon Zalman King , who is unimpressed by Alluma's inability to detect any lifesigns whatsoever.

  2. The film's trailer, which still exists online, shows what may be an unaltered view of one of the full nudity shots, containing a slightly different aspect than the one in the final movie. Kizer then made a number of very small cuts to the scene.

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