Force to have lesbian sex

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Clinicians need to be familiar with lesbian and bisexual experiences of forced sex and their associations with negative health outcomes, in order to be able to provide sensitive and adequate care to these populations. Forced sex by women was more likely to be perpetrated by intimate partners. Prevalence, patterns and risk factors. The age at which forced sex occurred was also not assessed. One finding of particular note is the large percentage of instances of forced sex by men involving penile intercourse

Force to have lesbian sex

Although we have no data to support this, it is possible that men and women use different strategies when they force female partners to have sex; men may be more likely to apply force or cause more damage when they force sex whereas women perpetrators are more likely to use emotional or other non-physical means of force. Cloud over the rainbow nation: Bull World Health Organ. We thank all women who participated in the study. These associations also differed dependent upon the sex of the forcing partner. It is not clear whether women are more likely to report forced penile intercourse as forced than they are to report other types of forced sex by men. Forced sex could also be motivated by the woman being a member of a sexual minority. These differences could result from how women in the countries were sampled. African use of restorative justice is perhaps best known in post-apartheid South Africa and post-genocide Rwanda conflict; however, South Africa has also experimented with restorative techniques for serious assaults committed within the context of domestic relationships. This is particularly so with cases of forced sex that are motivated by the fact that the victim is a member of a sexual minority, such as in corrective rape. Sexuality Policy Watch; Further research is needed to identify what best can be done to prevent forced sex experienced by lesbian and bisexual women in diverse circumstances. Further research to better understand the causes, nature and consequences of forced sex on lesbian and bisexual women will need nuanced methods to assess sexual violence in the lives of lesbian and bisexual women. To better understand the magnitude of the problem it would be informative to compare forced sex experiences of lesbians versus heterosexual women using population-based data. Lesbian and bisexual women considered experiences of forced sex by men to be more serious than those by women. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Creating personal history timelines on which major life events are placed in chronological order might facilitate distinctions between histories of forced sex and additionally indicate whether the negative health outcomes identified here are risk factors, consequences, or mere associations. Acknowledgments This research project was designed and implemented in collaboration with the following community organizations: While prevention of sexual violence in general is likely to benefit lesbian and bisexual women, it is unlikely that this will be sufficient. One finding of particular note is the large percentage of instances of forced sex by men involving penile intercourse Forced sex by women was experienced as less severe than that perpetrated by men. To what extent are such experiences a consequence of how women relate to their same-sex attraction? A final limitation concerns the nature of the sample: While there were two parallel sets of follow-up questions asked about forced sex by men and by women, if women had more than one experience of forced sex by either sex, separate instances of forced sex by people of the same gender could not be differentiated in terms of their seriousness, frequency and character. World Health Organization; Neither currently available statistics nor this study can shed light on why the rates of forced sex in Namibia are particularly high.

Force to have lesbian sex

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