Fastest dog in the world mph

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They can top speeds of just over 30 mph, and the largest poodles can weigh more than 70 pounds. These dogs are calm but quick. They can be differentiated from English Greyhounds through their rear being higher than the front, and they are smaller in general. Experts say that the Saluki descended from the wolves of the Ara desert. These dogs, originally from Germany, are both quick and intelligent , making them ideal guard dogs.

Fastest dog in the world mph

Dalmatian This Disney dog is pretty speedy. These giant pups are high-energy dogs that mostly serve as companions. These dogs are calm but quick. At first, English Greyhounds like all other breeds of greyhounds were used for hunting by royalty. These German pups make ideal guard dogs. They usually weigh between 55 and 85 pounds and live anywhere from years. These skinny dogs pack a lot of speed. Sporting a golden rust-colored short coat, the Vizsla is agile and able to turn quickly. They can weight anywhere from 55 to pounds and usually live years. They have a moisture-resistant coat that helps with swimming, so the poodle is both a quick runner and swimmer. This long-legged, smooth-coated racing breed has been clocked at speeds up to 45 miles per hour, sparking its nickname: These Hungarian hunting dogs are super easy to train. Giant Schnauzer They were bred to herd. They can top speeds of just over 30 mph, and the largest poodles can weigh more than 70 pounds. It is an ancient breed which experts say derives from the hunting dogs of the pharaoh courts of Ancient Egypt. This breed needs a lot of space to run around. Scottish Deerhound Their long legs help with speed. Alice van Kempen, Animal Photography The Alaskan Husky — The Marathoner of Dogs Alaskan Huskies were originally developed to deliver goods and supplies to remote frozen areas, so speed and endurance were vital assets. This is a working breed with an innate desire to protect. This breed has been clocked at 28 mph, but a team of sled dogs can maintain average speeds of 10 mph for hours and miles over snow-covered terrain during sled races like the famous Iditarod. Nick Ridley, Animal Photography The Border Collie — Built for Speed and Cornering Long acknowledged for being one of the top Einsteins in the dog world, the workaholic Border Collie is designed to move quickly and make hairpin turns in order to direct large flocks over what are sometimes long distances. Saluki These dogs can fly. All of the pups on this list are not only incredibly fast but also extremely friendly and would make great house pets. It is an ancestor of the Spanish Greyhound. The structure of an Afghan hound's kneecaps allows the bottom half of its strong legs to rotate asymmetrically and individually. These firehouse pups are incredibly fast.

Fastest dog in the world mph

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  1. Afghan Hound The Afghan Hound can run fast between rocks, crevices and obstacles of the rugged Afghan mountains. A Whippet can run yards in less than 12 seconds.

  2. Experts say that the Saluki descended from the wolves of the Ara desert. They usually live years.

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