Couples share hotel room for sex

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So we were like "Fuck yeah, let's get it! For example if your girlfriend gets pregnant in Dubai. This applies to rooms in Dubai hotels also. A valid government ID for both of you. Eventually it was getting later, so we all started getting into it with our respective SOs.

Couples share hotel room for sex

Then what was their crime? The answer is simple. These startups allow unmarried couples to book a good hotel room at affordable prices. It is advisable that such acts be reported to competent authorities. You can book online, and no one will ask you uncomfortable questions. A valid government ID for both of you. Living together with boyfriend or girlfriend in Dubai This information is not intended to encourage anyone to break the law, it is a perception or observation of life in Dubai from the perspective of couples living together. Practical Applications Most Dubai hotels don't enforce the "only married couples" rule. A Muslim woman living with a non-Muslim boyfriend, or 2 unmarried Muslims living together, are more at risk of legal problems than a Muslim man living with a non-Muslim girlfriend. But it seems that most offenders get months in jail followed by deportation this is just a comment on our part based on reading newspaper reports, not a thorough analysis of court sentences. So we were like "Fuck yeah, let's get it! In , there was a case where the Dubai police went to a Dubai hotel and arrested a couple sharing a hotel room. Please understand that though there is no law against taking pictures of people, it is a blatant invasion of privacy if the same is done. However, what people fail to understand, is that what happens between two conscious and consenting adults, is not the business of any third person, let alone the government and its law enforcement agencies. However, contrary to popular belief, the police has no authority to arrest you on any grounds, as long as there is no illegality involved in the situation. The Police called the parents of these couples, charged Rs. If the police then discover you're not married, you might be in legal trouble. Making it difficult for the youth to practice a lifestyle that they consider acceptable, is both wrong and unacceptable. Also, why does the Police arrest such couples? Though this is one of the most devious ways of charging you with something, just for the sake of teaching you a lesson, it may be done. This is unlikely to happen in the hotel and more likely to happen in public places like restaurants or shopping centers. So the western expression about "living in sin" is taken more literally in the UAE. Let us know what do you think by commenting below. As usual, some startups are here to solve this unpleasant problem in a way no one else could. They had kids, or at least one was theirs, the other two might have been from someone else, but whatever. If you're staying at a hotel with a lot of Muslim visitors, it's always possible for them to alert the authorities about inappropriate behavior. This is based on the Tawajed clause, which states that people of opposite sex cannot be alone together unless they're married or are family.

Couples share hotel room for sex

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