Company speed dating dtu

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The DTU provides a foundation for building MES applications in a technology centric environment that enables omni-directional communication to take place between dissimilar shop floor technologies at high speed and volume rates. A DTU enables every application and technology in a manufacturing operation to operate as if they were designed to work together from the very beginning. To date, connectivity needs have been resolved via various methods including: It affects the ability to develop ideas and products, penetrate the market and set the right team. They deserve the very best.

Company speed dating dtu

Not only do manufacturers need information to build products in an efficient manner, they also need to capture information critical to documenting quality in order to build an audit trail to satisfy customer and regulatory requirements. Plantwide data collection from PLCs and serial devices, generate operational efficiency calculations and distribute those to marquees throughout the plant. The result is a more agile architecture that enables new applications and technologies to be quickly added in a non-disruptive fashion. Without a DTU, developers cannot readily connect the growing number of technologies and applications in their operation without writing a great deal of custom code or utilizing limited PLC, HMI and MES software products to handle data transport. Increased number Applications and Technologies Connections and Transactions The Connectivity Challenge As illustrated below, connecting a few applications to a few technologies through point-to-point custom programs or stand-alone drivers or interfaces is one thing. Over the past decade, manufacturers have made investments in two major categories: Where is control relinquished? They act as an information hub that links applications and technologies. The following illustrate this simple, yet more flexible architectural approach: It usually takes longer to build a hardware company than a software company. To date, connectivity needs have been resolved via various methods including: A data transport utility architecture provides a number of benefits including the ability to: Seventh sense for fault analysis A Breakthrough in Connectivity Most control engineers and system analysts are faced with the challenge of ensuring product quality and lowering manufacturing costs. It also provides an overview of how this technology could be applied in various manufacturing applications. Capture nut runner torque data; marry this with a serial or VIN number in order to produce an audit trail. Integrate the conveyor control systems with a database for high-level management reporting systems, providing essential utilization, downtime, and performance information to operations. This includes speakers, mentors, the jury and those invited to drop by for speed-dating. Challenging the hard reality on the outside Our goal is to offer the participants a network with the right diversity, depth and professional expertise needed for them to succeed. In a typical facility, the DTU provides plant floor technology integration as well as shop-floor to top-floor business application integration. A DTU should be extensible — meaning it should easily accommodate or adapt to new technologies or industry adopted standards as well as interface with legacy systems. For example, PLCs can be used to automate manufacturing processes. Hot fail-over features ensure applications keep on running in the event of hardware failure. It allows engineers and developers to focus on creativity and innovation in building solutions, rather than building integration code to connect dissimilar technologies and applications. This ensures the data used within an application is valid. Data Transport Utility Sample Applications Data Transport Utilities transcend individual industries as a whole, but each vertical industry has found their own way to apply these tools.

Company speed dating dtu

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  1. Setting the right team is so important, that it has a direct impact on the valuation of the company. Only a third of the applicants are given the opportunity to participate in Danish Tech Challenge.

  2. Information and control technologies along with manufacturing software applications have long been used to improve manufacturing efficiency and drive continuous improvement.

  3. System integration costs should be greatly reduced by allowing developers to focus on creativity and innovation in building their solutions, rather than on building data transport utilities or infrastructure.

  4. Challenging the hard reality on the outside Our goal is to offer the participants a network with the right diversity, depth and professional expertise needed for them to succeed. The tough selection has to match the hard reality facing the companies on the outside of the building.

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