Boyfriend too clingy

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He might not actually think he's being clingy and he might not be doing it out of desperation. Instead, bring things out in the open as soon as you can and you'll save yourself a lot of relationship trouble! Finally, it's possible that the problem is actually you!

Boyfriend too clingy

For example, maybe he felt abandoned as a child, and he's reliving that fear in every relationship. One of them is likely to be the constant asking of whether you love him or not? Naturally, this may not convince him. And tell him that's how you function. You appreciate the fact that your man is so mesmerized by you, and so deeply in love with you, but you also fear that this behavior of his is making you feel smothered. However, when you're on opposite sides of the spectrum, you may want to consider finding someone who is more compatible with you. He has nothing better to do than hang out with me. Encourage him to ensure that he spends some quality time with his friends, say, go for outdoor games, go to the stadium to see his favorite team play, perhaps catch up with old pals over drinks and snooker? Explain that you wouldn't mind him taking occasional "Boys' Night Outs", and he should be okay with you being with your girls too. You love him, you do all you can to accommodate his needs, but wait, he wants to come with you at your girls' night out? The excitement to meet him and tell him about your day, the feeling of missing his presence when you are away, all this kind of adds up to the flame of love. If this is the case, then he's not being clingy, he just needs some support. Everything is just like a fairy tale. Are you planning to dump him? A poem or song is fine on anniversaries, once or twice a year maybe, but not every other day. We have seen cases where the guy has really changed, of course, with time and a lot of patience, but it has happened. Ask your boyfriend if there's anything going on that he wants to talk about. If your boyfriend can adapt by finding other people to hang out with and other things to do, then it can make the situation a lot more comfortable. He's able to assert his position in your life and send a message to others that you have a boyfriend already. You start dating and slowly realize that not only is he sensitive to your needs, turns out he is a sensitive and needy man himself. Slowly you realize that he needs you around ALL the time. Be a good listener and give him encouragement if the need arises. That sort of helps keep the spark alive for you. For some people, their first reaction when they're going through a rough patch in their lives is to push people away. If this is the reason he's being clingy, it's fairly innocuous. Some people live boring lives, don't have any hobbies, and spend all their time with their significant others.

Boyfriend too clingy

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  1. Tell him that if he misses reading his books at peace, or playing video games on the computer, you miss a few solitude recreational activities as well. Explain that you wouldn't mind him taking occasional "Boys' Night Outs", and he should be okay with you being with your girls too.

  2. Explain that you are just not the kind to keep your phone next to you all the time, and if it ever happens that you are not able to respond to his normal I Love You message, or to callback after seeing his yet another call, it is okay.

  3. Similar to the above, but with a larger element of jealousy, he might be clingy because he thinks that you're interested in another guy.

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