Body language one hand in pocket

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It may also conceal hands that display tension. Holding the self can also be an act of restraint. The two hands can show different desires, for example with one forming a fist and the other holding it back, restraining the desire to punch the other person.

Body language one hand in pocket

Its also extremely to analyze the gesture in the context of the situation. Touching the other person can be an act of domination or of friendship, for example a hand on the shoulder whilst telling them off adds authority, whilst a gentle touch on the arm when sympathizing demonstrates concern for them. Massaging hands together, especially when the hands are quite tense, is usually an indicator of stress or anxiety. Hands clenched can be a self-restraining act, effectively holding the person back from speaking until they are ready. Keep your eyes opened for the other variables involved while analyzing the body language of the people you are talking to. Punching the air indicates triumphal excitement. If a stranger accompanied you in this outing then most probably you will find that your hand is in your pocket most of the time. A palm facing outward towards others fends them off or pushes them away in a more obvious way than the palms-down signal 'Stop. This can be a shared benefit and be used in a conspiratorial way. They may also indicate decisiveness, chopping with each point. A short side swipe may also signal 'no' in any conversation. Gripping can show possessiveness, ownership and desire the tighter the fist, the stronger the feeling. Opening the palm shows that there is no concealed weapon. Control A hand with palm down may figuratively hold or restrain the other person. Submission is shown with a floppy hand, palm up and which is sometimes clammy and with a quick withdrawal. Hands can also cover one another. Use your mind It makes a lot of sense to use your mind before judging people so that you don't get incorrect results. Again, this is a thinking and evaluating signal. Palms downwards may ask a person to calm down. When they are interested in what others are saying, support is light. By looking for long and short ring fingers as compared with the index fingers , you might hence find a tendency towards masculine or feminine characteristics. If someone always puts his hands in his pockets then this person might be lacking self confidence because he always feels uncomfortable around other people. There are also some illnesses where And Anxiety can be related to concern for the outer world or the inner world of thoughts and forecasts. As ever, these are only possible indicators and you should also look for similar signs. When standing keep your hips slightly forward. The tightness of a holding group indicates the degree of tension the person feels.

Body language one hand in pocket

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