Billy connolly adelaide

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He then follows a guide called Sydney into a wooded area to try some Bush Tucker. Billy then goes into the outback and makes bread called Damper and tea over a fire. Here he takes a boat trip to find Saltwater crocodiles and shows how the crocodiles leap up out of the water to reach bait at the end of a pole held by the river guide.

Billy connolly adelaide

He then travels into the city and stops at Melbourne Gaol , where outlaw Ned Kelly was hung. He tells about the trees of the rainforest that were cut down and used around the world as piles, due to their incredible height and lack of branches. The first disc focuses mainly on the southeastern coast of Australia, with Connolly visiting such places as Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle , while the second disc focuses on Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and rural Australia. Next he visits the famous Dingo fence , which at kilometres, is the longest fence in the world. Filmed over four months in , Connolly takes the viewer on a scenic and informative tour of Australia, a country he first visited in the s, intercut with scenes from his stand-up comedy act at various venues around the country. The locals take Billy hunting for Mud Crabs in a Mangrove and later to eat worms that are found in the bark of trees. The episode concludes with Connolly taking a seaplane trip to visit famous Australian artist, Ken Done. The episode finishes with Connolly heading to William Ricketts' Sanctuary , where he comments on some of Ricketts' artwork, most of which featured lifelike Aboriginal sculptures which represent the soul and culture of the people. A tent-city was set up by the Aboriginal people, which was eventually driven away. He jokes about the fact that these races have been cancelled on occasion due to water being in the river after rainfall. Next, he heads to the Caboolture Gliding Club on the outskirts of Brisbane to go flying in a glider. He then takes a drive out to the eastern beach of the island. While in Perth, Connolly celebrates his 53rd birthday. Connolly flies to Fraser Island , the largest sand island in the world which lies off the coast of Queensland. While driving, he talks about some dingos he saw while staying on the island, and how they're the purest-bred dingoes in Australia. He points out the local town hall where he was attacked by a Scottish-Australian prison officer during a gig on his first tour of Australia. Episode list[ edit ] Episode 1: The series ends with a montage of video clips over a recording of Billy singing an extended version of the title music. He then visits Kings Park where there are gum trees planted along the side of the road in dedication of every Australian man and woman who lost his or her life in war. Connolly travels to Newcastle first, stopping en route at Nobby's Point in order to view the city on the horizon and talk about the coal mining industry in the area. The episode finishes with Connolly viewing more art from the studio. He takes a bike ride along the coast of the island until he stops by some tea trees. He kicks off his tour in October in Sydney by visiting the Harbour Bridge and giving a history of its construction and opening. He describes the Western Australian capital as "the most isolated capital in the world". He then heads to the Brett Whiteley Studio, which features many of the late artist's sculptures and paintings, many of which feature small birds and lifelike 3D sculptures. Connolly starts by heading to Brisbane , Queensland.

Billy connolly adelaide

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  1. The final thing he points out is the Ned Kelly shrine in the prison, which documents the fall of the man and holds his personal journal.

  2. Here he takes a boat trip to find Saltwater crocodiles and shows how the crocodiles leap up out of the water to reach bait at the end of a pole held by the river guide.

  3. Later, he travels into the city to buy a pie floater. Next, he visits the Financial District of Sydney, where he goes underground via a "personhole cover" to visit the water-tunnels where the convicts were sent to work.

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