Ann arbor michigan sex stores

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As I eyed the goods, I was immediately impressed: I asked her what toys students come in for the most, and how one knows when a toy is right. According to the study, those who used sex toys had higher rates of sexual pleasure and better sexual health than non-users. Additionally, I knew that men were also getting in on it — 91 percent of men and 81 percent of women who used a vibrator used it with a partner.

Ann arbor michigan sex stores

However, a little literacy and label reading can ensure that your purchases feel good and are healthy. Lube is a safe sex essential. A few weeks later, I went back to thank the storeowner of S3, University alum and educator Beth Karmeisool, and to get some insights for this column. While research on phthalates is still ongoing, researchers have linked these plastic-softening chemicals to negative health outcomes. The Safe Sex Store in Ann Arbor provides an excellent model for sexual aids and toys that promote positive health outcomes for men and women. I had spent my past summer doing evidence-based research and one of the topics I covered was sex toys and lubricant. My shopping experience went a little something like this… Last month, one of my sorority sisters was getting married. Glycerin, on the other hand, creates an environment in the vadge that is friendly to yeast infections. S3 in Ann Arbor, Michigan Sex toys, books and lube make great gifts. I was interested in the adult sex education books. While studies are still inconclusive, parabens have been linked to cancer. But other than those cons, the pros are excellent. With healthy lube, toys for him and her and books galore, my mission was accomplished. Women who used toys found it easier to naturally lubricate and men had higher erectile functioning. As I eyed the goods, I was immediately impressed: So, I did what any sorority girl would do when faced with this situation: The collection of male sex toys had also grown since my last visit. Because of this research, I knew that according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a majority of women — 53 percent — had used a vibrator. Many will attest to the miraculous powers of saliva, but it only lasts so long. I asked her what toys students come in for the most, and how one knows when a toy is right. House appliances were overdone. For the first time in my life, I was stumped about what to buy as a wedding gift. Sorority women held fetish fantasy kits and condoms. I offered a silent prayer of thanks for all the authors that dedicated gallons of ink to how-to books for going down on a woman. Jury is still out on what exactly makes a sex shop feminist. Undoubtedly, this result is a feminist one. This means it retains bacteria, no matter how much antibacterial soap you use to clean it.

Ann arbor michigan sex stores

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