Advice on domestic abuse

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Professional seeking advice or information on domestic violence If you are a professional seeking further information on domestic violence Survivors who experience domestic violence face many practical and emotional obstacles to leaving a violent partner. Domestic abuse can affect anybody; regardless of their gender, age, race, sexuality, religion or social background. To exit this page quickly use the green button on the right. You will need to consider:

Advice on domestic abuse

You should seek advice about the family home even if you are leaving permanently because, if your partner sells the home, you may lose money and possessions. If you have children you will need to decide if you are taking the children with you. Examples of harassment include malicious phone calls, threatening texts, threatening and insulting language and damage to property. You can find information about the housing rights of women from abroad fleeing domestic violence on the Housing Rights Information website at www. If you've been affected If you are the victim of an abusive relationship, you might want to: Support and safety advice from Victim Support. In England and Wales, forced marriage is a criminal offence. If an harasser breaches an injunction, it is a criminal offence. There are also lots of charities that help both men and women get help with abuse. You should get legal advice to ensure that you do everything possible to protect rights to the family home. Anyone can experience domestic violence - it doesn't matter whether you're a man or woman. This could include getting an injunction to protect yourself from more violent behaviour known as a non-molestation order , or a court order to sort out who can stay in the family home, for example if you want to stop your violent partner from returning home known as an occupation order. You can also report domestic abuse in the following ways: If you know a victim of domestic abuse, the This is Not an Excuse website provides information as to how you can support them and help to keep the safe. A lawyer will help you decide whether to: You will need to consider: It is not acceptable in any circumstances. Honour-based abuse may include domestic abuse, sexual or psychological abuse, assault, forced marriage or sending someone back to their country of origin. The Safe Space Sussex website provides details of local agencies that can support victims of domestic abuse. Please do this before ringing the Helpline directly wherever possible, as this will mean that we can prioritise calls from abused women themselves. If it is outside of normal office hours, you should telephone the local authority's emergency out-of-hours number for help with emergency housing. Emotional abuse — calling you names, continually criticising you, humiliating you, withholding affection. Your legal rights to the family home will depend upon the type of housing, the legal status of your relationship and whether or not you have children. You may also be able to get an injunction in the civil courts to stop the harassment or stalking taking place and claim damages. In England and Wales, you can also look on the Law Society website.

Advice on domestic abuse

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  1. Going to the local authority or Housing Executive Local authorities have a legal duty to provide help to certain people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. Isolation — controlling where you go or who you talk to, trapping you in your own home, acting in a jealous or possessive way.

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