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Wilmoth did say the lion cub mentioned in the complaint did happen but he told the USDA it was his fault. It was also cited for housing two juvenile lions in shelters that were not large enough for the cats to stand or turn around in. Several rhesus macaques were running free in the drive-through area, the enclosure for tigers had sharp edges from a torn tin roof, and the chain-link fence was loose in two places in the enclosure for the spotted leopards.

Zoo gentry ar

Despite the citations, Wild Wilderness continues to exhibit cubs in this dangerous manner. Today, Wilmoth said, it provides sanctuary for several dozen species, including endangered Gaur bison from India; Pere David's deer, a species from China that's extinct outside of zoos; wild Mongolian horses; Persian onagers, an endangered species of wild donkey; Hartmann's mountain zebras; scimitar-horned oryx from North Africa, now extinct in the wild; and other, more common animals like hippos, kangaroos and emus. The USDA cited Wild Wilderness for failing to provide a barrier between the public and the primary enclosure holding lemurs. Two bobcats were housed in an insecure enclosure made of wire fencing and black plastic. Josh Wilmoth, a spokesman for the family that has owned Wild Wilderness since the s, wouldn't comment directly on the verdict or the case, citing ongoing legal action. In , the U. A lot of effort had gone into building this up and making it a refuge. The USDA issued repeat citations to Wild Wilderness for continuing to fail to provide clean drinking water to animals. Since a number of the non-compliant items for animal care and housing are serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act, we are unable to find that you meet the issuance requirement of having adequate expertise, facilities, and resources to conduct your intended purpose under the CBW registration. A spider monkey was missing the tips of most of his fingers, the skin was red and swollen around the remainder of the fingers, and bone appeared to be exposed on one remaining digit. He stated it looked like the animal was strangled by the collar. Some of them are over feet. Though McMath said the process of condemning land for large infrastructure projects is sometimes necessary, it must be done fairly and wisely. The jury saw that losing that was a real blow in value to the property as a whole. Wild Wilderness was cited for failing to provide secure enclosures for big cats. But even in cases where such a move is warranted, condemnations rarely sit right with property owners whose land is taken, especially when they feel the remainder of their land has been damaged or lessened in value in the process. Ring-tailed lemurs were found outside of their enclosure chewing on a live electrical wire. In May , this woman posted photos of the bruises and bite marks she received from a tiger cub on Facebook: Department of Agriculture, filed the complaint on Jan. The USDA cited Wild Wilderness for failing to provide sick animals with adequate veterinary care, and for failing to correct several noncompliant items found during previous inspections. If [SWEPCO] had looked to try to put it across the most damaging part of the park, that's where they would have done it. The enclosure for servals had rotted resting boards, leaving broken areas and jagged points. It was also cited for failing to provide adequate primary enclosures. This is an indication that you are unable to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act. Inspection records from the USDA… …indicate that you have had a large number of uncorrected, noncompliant items at your facility over the past two years. Pens in the drive-through area had no supervision to stop the public from having direct contact with the animals. The USDA cited Wild Wilderness for failing to provide animals with adequate veterinary care and shelter from the cold.

Zoo gentry ar

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  1. In , Wild Wilderness was cited by the USDA after a visitor was bitten by a lion cub and ordered to exhibit cubs more safely.

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