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He said his company had also removed around items from eBay, where whole lines of pirated goods trading on Prince's name had appeared, including clocks, socks, mugs and key rings. You can edit within the video and can highlight the entire video select All to copy and drop into your listing editor. Prince plans to take action against YouTube and Ebay over the use of his music on the internet. Old Flash Embed code is no longer supported by YouTube although Firefox may internally convert it to a displayable iframe format for some period , and is no longer displayed here.


Non-eBay Mobile Friendly Object code is a compact format that should work on most but not all devices. He has referred to the record industry as "the speculation business" and gave away copies of his new album Planet Earth for free with a British Sunday newspaper. Be sure there is already text in your description, since pasting directly into an empty page may not take effect. It looks similar to the first option, but with a static play button. Old Flash Embed code is no longer supported by YouTube although Firefox may internally convert it to a displayable iframe format for some period , and is no longer displayed here. This carries on ad nauseam at Prince's expense," he told Reuters. Highlight and copy or drag the highlighted video into the editing tab of eBay's description editor. Original iFrame code won't work on eBay, but is provided here if you need to convert back to iframe code for your own website. Note that the play button is not dynamic and displays red in this version. Linked Video editable Drag Video: Linked Video editable is free of Active Content and is compliant with eBay policies. Play YouTube or Vimeo videos within eBay listings: The code should be pasted into the HTML view without modifying in a wysiwyg editor. YouTube did not immediately reply to questions emailed to its press room. Linked Video code Paste Code: In addition to YouTube, Prince also plans legal action against online auctioneer eBay and Pirate Bay, a site accused by Hollywood and the music industry as being a major source of music and film piracy. Thus, the URL has been made visible in the video code in this latest version. Use this clickable pseudo-video in your listings for either YouTube or Vimeo videos. US pop star Prince plans to sue YouTube and other major websites for unauthorised use of his music in a bid to "reclaim his art on the internet". Prince's latest initiative is likely to please record industry executives and music retailers, who have not always seen eye-to-eye with the year-old. Scripted iFrame code is designed to work in all targeted devices, but it can not be used in eBay's QuickLister and will not survive a wysiwyg editor. In your description text, you may want to invite eBay App users to copy and paste the video address into a new browser window. The mobile-friendly "pseudo-video" thumbnail with dynamic start button will open the real video in a new window when Clicked. May - The mobile-friendly and eBay-compliant video "thumbnail" provided by this tool looks just like the real thing, complete with cover image and start button. The legal action is the latest bid by the music industry to wrest back control over content in an age where file sharing, mobile phones and video sites make enforcing copyright increasingly difficult. The man behind hit songs Purple Rain, and When Doves Cry said on Thursday that YouTube could not argue that it had no control over which videos users posted on its site.


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