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Article 86 An employer may, upon a worker's request grant him leave without pay for such reasons and in such circumstances as he deems fit. Article The Arbitration Committees shall be competent to examine: Women shall be entitled to wages equal to those of men if they perform the same work under the same conditions and specifications.

Yemen sex 5 time per day

In all cases, the amount of such compensation shall be determined by the competent Arbitration Committee, subject to a ceiling of six months' wages. Inspection regulations shall govern the forms and notifications relating to violations and procedures for drawing up records of violations. Article 63 It shall be forbidden to withhold the wages due to a worker in accordance to this Code, except by a final judicial decision, unless the employer and the worker have agreed otherwise. Workers who are suspended as a result of this procedure shall be entitled to their full wages. Article The Minister may decide to establish such vocational training institutes or centres as he deems appropriate. Both parties to a dispute or their representatives shall hold a meeting to settle the dispute amicably through negotiation with a maximum period of one month. Article 28 Upon signing a contract of employment a worker may be subject to a probationary period not exceeding six months with the same employer, to be stipulated in the contract. By the following month, some protests had resulted in violence, and the demonstrations had spread to other major cities. The enforcement of such regulations and any subsequent amendments thereto shall be subject to approval by the trade union committee or worker's representative and clearance by the Ministry or one of its offices within one month of the date of their submission. Article Workers affected by a workforce reduction or redundancies may appeal to the competent Arbitration Committee if they consider the measures taken by the employer to be unjust and aimed at replacing them with other workers. At the end of their service, workers shall be entitled to a monthly pension or a lump-sum payment in accordance with the provisions of the Social Insurance Act or in accordance with any other special regulations whose provisions are more favourable to the worker. An adequate and easily accessible supply of drinking water shall be provided for the worker's use. The employment of a non-Yemeni shall be prohibited where: If either party refuses to receive notice of termination of the contract, the notice may be deposited with the Ministry or one of its offices. Article 16 It shall be prohibited for any natural or legal person to carry on the business of recruiting or importing labour on behalf of an employer. Termination of contract of employment Article 35 1. Before imposing any penalty, employers shall bear in mind: Sick leave shall be granted on the following conditions: It shall be forbidden to employ women at night, except during the month of Ramadhan and in the jobs which shall be specified by order of the Minister. Employers shall grant workers the leave they are entitled to annually. A pregnant worker shall have the right to maternity leave with full pay for 60 days. Article Where an establishment's activity stops temporarily for reasons attributable to the employer, workers' contracts of employment shall continue to be valid for not less than two months from the beginning of the stoppage, thereby entitling them to their full wages for that period. The employer shall not deduct any amount from their wages in consideration of: Regulation of the employment of young persons Article 48 1. Where a worker fails to respect the prescribed period of service after training, his employer may claim reimbursement of all or part of the cost of his training, taking account of his service before and after training. If it is established that a worker worked during his paid leave, his employer may claim reimbursement of the worker's pay for the said leave, provided that this does not lead to termination of employment.

Yemen sex 5 time per day

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  1. The employer shall, before deciding to suspend a worker, take into consideration the following:

  2. Subject to the provisions of article 56 of this Code, any worker employed over time shall regardless of his occupation, be entitled to compensatory rest periods with pay calculated on the basis of the following rates: Rates of entitlement to leave may, by order of the Minister, be increased for certain occupations and categories of workers.

  3. Article 63 It shall be forbidden to withhold the wages due to a worker in accordance to this Code, except by a final judicial decision, unless the employer and the worker have agreed otherwise. However, the talks ended without agreement.

  4. Such period s of rest shall be so determined as to ensure that any continuous period of work does not exceed five hours. Article 59 Subject to the provisions of articles 99 and of this Code, a worker shall be entitled to his full wages for any period spent in detention because of a work-related case, provided that the amount paid to him during such period of detention is not less than 50 per cent of his basic wages, the balance of his full wages being paid to him after his innocence is established.

  5. Article Labour inspectors shall, prior to entering office, take the following oath before the Minister or his representative:

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