Woodend vic

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But then the five mile creak started getting polluted and the fish started dying [3] Tourism and attractions[ edit ] Woodend is close to such attractions as Mt Macedon and Hanging Rock located at nearby Newham , and numerous waterfalls. There are also over 40 bird species including bright rosellas and cockatoos. Woodend Children's Park opened behind the service station in October

Woodend vic

The two storey mansion was designed by the Italian-born architect Louis Boldini and used from around through to or, perhaps, even to the end of World War I. Our specially trained interpreters are always on hand to ensure that everyone enjoys their visit to the utmost and it is our reputation for providing a quality educational experience that keeps our visitors coming back. As the website explains: The students of the college attended picnics at Hanging Rock in the s and s and it is thought this inspired Joan Lindsay's novel Picnic at Hanging Rock. In the s the college became Braemar College, a non-denominational and coeducational school for local students. The walk passes stands of tall eucalypts and moist gullies of beautiful ferns with interpretative signs along the way. The church's stained glass windows were produced by William Montgomery , [7] former president of the Victorian Artists Society. History[ edit ] Islay House built in the Colonial style Woodend was first surveyed in by Major Thomas Mitchell , who opened it up for settlement. Today it maintains that "hill station" elegance with an excess of interesting galleries and craft shops and a number of good quality cafes and restaurants in the main street. Woodend's location in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range means that, unlike most of Australia, snowfalls are not uncommon. Live exhibits are interspersed, so visitors can view both living and preserved specimens side by side. Woodend Children's Park in the centre of the town provides a meeting place for young and old, locals and visitors: The Local historical weather information has only just recently been implemented, so over time this information should become valuable. The reserve is also alive with goannas koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and greater gliders. The lava has an unusually high soda content and is known to geologists as soda trachyte. The Hanging Rock Discovery Centre has hands-on displays and focuses on the Aboriginal history of the area, the flora and fauna of the reserve, the rock's geological history and the mythology which surrounds the rock. It is open from When gold was discovered in the area towards Bendigo and Ballarat , Woodend became the main thoroughfare through the Black Forest, and accommodated many gold-diggers and their families. A park to explore, to enjoy, to play. The rock became a popular picnicking spot for daytrippers from Melbourne when the train reached Woodend in It was "wood end" because it was at the northern end of the Black Forest where, in the s and s, bushrangers hid eager to rob the miners and prospectors heading north to the Bendigo goldfields. There are also over 40 bird species including bright rosellas and cockatoos. There is some evidence that the rock was a hideout for bushrangers during the goldrush era. It is now the largest private insect educational science facility in Australia. The area supports a large horse-racing community.

Woodend vic

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  1. The church's stained glass windows were produced by William Montgomery , [7] former president of the Victorian Artists Society.

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