When u dont love your husband

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To do so would be to make a decision from a fear-based, scarcity mindset, and decisions borne out of this thinking rarely have a positive outcome. You get to know him more as your husband, and you begin to see him in a light that you never have before. The thought had already seeped into my brain, like black ink, spilling and spreading until it was all I could think of for the rest of the night. You both have to decide on your priorities. This blog is not intended as diagnosis, assessment, or treatment, and should not replace consultation with your medical provider.

When u dont love your husband

Was physical affection limited and strained? In your case, it seems like your husband wants to believe that everything is okay, understandably, and you are allowing him to think this by not telling him much in depth about your feelings. I was, to be completely honest, only thinking —selfishly, I might add— of how it would be a nice change for me, so I went for it. Some people marry with the sole objective of having kids. I don't love my husband any more. Satisfaction can be found through bringing up children, financial security and a higher standard of living. I could backpack across Europe if I wanted to. Will you feel regret from marrying this guy back when then? I cried, at first. He has a good job and appears confident, responsible and in control. But it could have been for myself because I sold myself short, something I realized too late. It is essential to take a hard look at the way that you grew up and if you are falling into a default pattern that is familiar to you on a deep subconscious level. Now we are in a completely different phase; happy and in love again, spending time together and with the children. If he gives you a timeline and ultimatum e. Are you going to go back on the vows you made during your wedding day? I cried whenever he left for work. I could climb Everest probably not, but everybody wants to climb a mountain, right? So many questions but no straight answers. Dear NFI, I feel for you. What makes you think another relationship would be better? We have only known each other for six years and everything happened very quickly. Will your husband feel any resentment or hurt? I'd rather be single than stay with him and be unhappy. My husband and I get on very well on every other level and we are a happy family. Because it will probably be damaged if you separate. But knowing that doesn't help me manage my feelings of resentment and repulsion revulsion?

When u dont love your husband

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