What to do about a cheating wife

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Did this turn out to be futile because she did not feel any jealously or anger? While for David, it was love at first sight, Illeana was not much into the concept of love. Check new design of our homepage! This is because seldom does a woman indulge in infidelity purely out of the fun of doing it. This can only end badly, whether you decide to stay with your wife or end the marriage.

What to do about a cheating wife

Openness, mutual respect, and sensitivity are the non-negotiable requirements of any attempt you and your wife make to reconcile. Indian society sees only one side of the narrative and is quick to judge the male partner. Well, if you have a cheating spouse, there is a possibility that you drove her into it. Immediately, Garima moved to her mother's place and claimed she was thrown out of the house and filed a dowry case against the son and mother. How far will you go to check where your wife is, what is she doing or who is she calling or meeting? Then slowly, give her more than she gets from the friend. But this is the hi-tech age we're living in Your inner instincts have already started feeling the insecurity and that made you make your wife feel jealous by praising or talking to another woman. She becomes secretive If she becomes secretive about her work schedule, her new friends, her daily goings-on and secures her mobile phone and her laptop secretively like the security in front of The White House, she's probably cheating on you. Give her the time that she needs. A man can do nothing, court can do nothing. There are lesser probabilities of a woman cheating on her man, as compared to those in case of men. With software that can protect call records, fake email id's and web cameras in chat rooms, it is next to impossible to keep a watch on your wife unless you hire a divorce detective! Every marriage is different, but there are a few basics that are universal to all of them. So, if you are faced with a cheating wife, what will you do? Sahil has no idea what went wrong. Almost everyone admits to have fantasies involving a person s , apart from their spouse. You spend a lot on it and then you repent because it may not fit you that well Darryl is so shocked that he's gone into depression. It only means that she finally found the man of her dreams. Did this turn out to be futile because she did not feel any jealously or anger? These are all the signs that indicate she is making up for her behavior so that you don't find anything suspicious in your relationship with her. You check her call logs, interrogate her, check her handbag, but every effort is in vain. Let us focus on simpler things that are sure signs that your wife is cheating on you. She gives you loads of space Earlier, your wife may have been naggy almost all the time, checking your messages, often calling you at work, trying hard to be in your social circle, and suddenly she starts giving you tons of space out of nowhere! Check new design of our homepage! The biggest issue being that men are often forced to believe that women are deceptive and complicated.

What to do about a cheating wife

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