What is it like dating a gang member

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She moved into his new house but realised she had reached her breaking point. We then go to leave because I simply found what I wanted. He hopped out the car and I locked the doors and drove off. But personally, every communication I have ever had with a gang member has been positive. They say they like being at the hub of gang life.

What is it like dating a gang member

I didn't want to do it towards the end. Do I think he is a bad person? But I was more scared because that's when people turn against you. So she drove him down the street, right past the home of the rival gang member who was responsible for the shoot-out. No one can touch me if I'm going out with him. We were getting on well and he had some good chat too. We walk back to the car and then go to find the warehouse. We talked for just after a month. He wanted to know which guy from the rival gang was responsible. Yes, I get it the stereotype of a gang member is well that they are extremely bad and a criminal. Guys want information or sex, and girls want a line of coke. You mix with Year 11s and you don't want them to bully you. With areas of London still off limits and people she cannot talk to, "it's always going to be like this unless I move out. I'm little but I'm also bad. I arrive to the house. So all in all it was bad. If I got caught [with the gun] I would have said no comment and took the bird with me. Unusual in that she is mobile, with her own car, she dates gang members in different county cities. Share via Email This article is over 6 years old Lisa remembers the moment she knew her life had been overtaken by the gang. But it's a hard one. So brought him a drink. If you get out you consider yourself lucky. At this point I was actually scared. They say they like being with someone who always wants them within eyesight. I was in a gang because of my boyfriend. I have never had a bad experience. So where do I start… So, I meet this young man, from Tinder of all places.

What is it like dating a gang member

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