What does blacklisting mean

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The creation of the blacklist Back in , Europe was one of the first parts of the world to acknowledge the need for a shared database of stolen phones. The business of blacklisted iPhones is confusing to say the least. Because unlike a SIM card it cannot be easily removed and because it follows a common standard across carriers and countries it is used to identify stolen phones. Many countries have a similar Blacklist, and these are shared on an international database administered by the GSMA. Apple Activation Lock Status:

What does blacklisting mean

Blacklist employment The first published reference to blacklisting of an employee dates from Patient abuse Blacklisting by multiple providers is a systematic act by doctors to deny care to a certain patient or patients. Why does blacklisting exist? Since then, lawsuits for unfair dismissal have led to blacklisting being covert or informal, but it remains common. If a phone ever ends up on the blacklist, we will replace it. Only the person who reported a phone stolen can have it removed from the blacklist. The IMEI makes it easy for carriers to track lost and stolen phones, locking them out from cellular networks. What blacklisting means for you When an iPhone is put on a blacklist database, it prevents it from being activated on any wireless carrier until it is removed from the list. What is the Cell Phone Blacklist? Remember, carriers are the only ones who have the power to reverse a blacklisted iPhone. A phone that cannot be activated on any network, even if sold outside of the country, is not very valuable. The blacklist is a shared database that lists smartphones that have been reported stolen in Canada. In the conversation of second-hand smartphones, the words Blacklist and IMEI get thrown around a lot. Who controls the blacklist? Why Was the Blacklist Implemented? In the Transvaal Medical Union in South Africa blacklisted patients if they could not pay cash in advance. It started by listing entertainment industry professionals and lasted until when it was effectively broken by the acknowledgement that blacklisted professionals had been working under assumed names for many years. What is an IMEI? If a phone ever ends up on the blacklist, we will replace it even if your warranty is up. A physical list is not necessary to blacklist patients but the effect is the same. Hollywood blacklist The Hollywood blacklist was instituted by the House Un-American Activities Committee in to block screenwriters and other Hollywood professionals who were purported to have Communist sympathies from obtaining employment. Apple Activation Lock Status: If my phone is blacklisted, what can I do with it? Only within the last few years have North American carriers started developing national and global databases to share devices listed as lost or stolen. The Taft-Hartley Act of made amendments which sustained blacklisting by affirming the right of employers to be anti-union, and by requiring trade union leaders to make loyalty oaths which had the same effect as the Hollywood blacklist. The Blacklist was implemented in to counteract cell phone theft.

What does blacklisting mean

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  1. What is the Cell Phone Blacklist? Fraud control[ edit ] Credit card merchant accounts[ edit ] Companies which have a payment card merchant account terminated, and their directors, are often added to a list referred to when companies apply for an account; they are then unlikely to be granted a new account by any provider.

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