What does a winky face mean in a text message

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Even if it's only in a smiley face. It says "I have a good time with you, enough that I can laugh with my pig snort laugh at stupid things". Wanna hang out today?

What does a winky face mean in a text message

The devilish smiley face doesn't actually mean they want the ride. Oooooh yeah 8 The Shocked Face Advertisement If you're flirting with someone and the shocked face pops up, it is either extremely bad, or extremely, extremely bad. Really what this face refers to is being relatively bummed about something. All they're actually saying is, "I'm a good girl, it'd be a shame if I was corrupted somehow. So what does that tell you? Sure, if they're talking about homeless puppy orphans, then yes, it's a very simple "I'm sad" message. Actually, now that I think about it- the winky face almost always refers to sex. It's only when the message is unclear that you need to interpret the little devil. It's not a casual "I'm happy" smiley, it's not a flirty "let's do this" smiley. If they're talking about someone else they're hooking up with. Not a hope 4 Devilish Smiley Face Are you ready for a revelation? Even if it's only in a smiley face. No girl wants any guy she likes to make the connection between her and vomiting. Be wary of teases though, some people just like the attention. It's cheeky, but can be interpreted as nothing other than that. Like, you know, with sex! There is an obvious exception to this i. You can read almost anything into this smiley, depending on the sentence that comes before it. When people say "let's go for a drink, we'll have a messy time! Where the real trouble comes in is when you either start receiving or sending those winking smiley faces in text messages. That said, if they reply with a shocked face, followed by a winky face, you are so in there! The 'I-know-it, you-know-it' face. It doesn't mean they're an angel, OK. Be wary of this though, some people use these things like commas, so they mean nothing at all. So if you see this in a text message, I've bad news: You couldn't be less in there 10 Regular Smiley Face The most evilly ambiguous smiley of them all! They want to destroy you with alcohol, not with their pelvis!

What does a winky face mean in a text message

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  1. If you are more than just plain old happy, you might consider replacing the parenthesis with a capital D, like this:

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