We sex like pornstars lyrics

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Professionals working with children and young people If you are a professional, you can do absolutely everything I have listed for parents and you can also make it your mission to educate other professionals about the way language is changing to encourage the normalisation of sexual violence towards women and girls — especially as you may be working with young people you can influence through your direct work, counselling, youth work or in school sessions. This song can put anyone in the mood. Parents and Carers of children and young people If you are a parent of an older child, there is absolutely no point in trying to protect them from these lyrics — they are everywhere! Children and adults are singing along to these lyrics. In a follow up study, men listening to misogynistic lyrics were more likely to subject women to ice-water-treatment than men who did not listen to the misogynistic lyrics.

We sex like pornstars lyrics

This song has got that music video that is 2 steps from hardcore porn. I deliver porn workshops to children and trust me, they know WAY more about porn than you think. However, its incomplete to argue that these lyrics and language only affect men and boys — the reality is that these lyrics, language, imagery and porn affects women and girls too. This is continuing with my theme from the last post. She is there to be used, abused and hurt for their pleasure. Adding sexually violent lyrics to some of the bestselling songs in the world is a clear method of normalising male violence against women and girls. Blink — Feeling This: Incubus — Here in My Room: Read their first-hand accounts of the violence and hatred in porn. Children and adults are singing along to these lyrics. Boycott this language everywhere you hear it or see it. The first point is the violence in the language. Do you really want your son choking teen girls? If you want to affect change, get involved in anti-porn activism and help to change the world. Here are some examples that are on porn sites today 18th May The harm of women is becoming glorified, not normalised. You only have to look at the titles of porn films on Pornhub or X Videos to see the way they describe women in violent and degrading terms to see where this is coming from. Beat that pussy up. So did Chris Brown. They no longer converse about sex in human terms — they talk in metaphors and disconnected, dehumanised language. Jay-Z to Lil Wayne — they were all describing sex as harming women. Teach them that everything they see in the media, music, advertising and news outlets are trying to manipulate them or sell something to them. Be aware of your language. They just put them together as one. In a study conducted in , Fischer and Greitmeyer found that men who listened to sexually aggressive and violent lyrics were more likely to choose for women to suffer painful situations than the men who had listened to normal music lyrics in a controlled study. Read about the abuse and rapes of Jenna Jameson and why she is now an anti-porn advocate. Educate yourself and seek to educate others.

We sex like pornstars lyrics

So did Modern Thug. If you are apt this and you strength someone or you are someone who is looking on by scrupulous negative, look for some put. Be fierce of your daydream. Educate yourself and side to educate others. I flush something new about down every time I taking to pics about literacy. Crap — Aggressive We sex like pornstars lyrics Do you erstwhile premium your daughter to variety that being knowledgeable to have anal is available?.

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