Warning signs of a sexual predator

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Before it is too late, there are signs to help you identify whether you and your loved ones could be in danger of a sexual predator. How to tell if someone is a child predator? Teach children the proper names for body parts and what to do if someone tries to touch them in a sexual way. They spend quite a considerable amount of time watching and always get their sexual pleasures met no matter who, how or where. Whatever they say is to convince you to fall into their trap.

Warning signs of a sexual predator

If secrets are ever ok, the line has been blurred and a child will continue to keep secrets between another adult and themselves. We have a strict rule in our house — no secrets, ever. Always trust your gut and mothering instincts when it comes to who is around your children. Statistics are frightening — 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 8 boys are molested before the age of Teach all members of the family to respect privacy in dressing, bathing, sleeping and other personal activities. The people closest to you should be the people that you can trust the most. Most predators like watching violent programs and they tend to exercise what they see on people living with them. How to spot a Child Predator: They will work very hard to arrange for alone with your child — they are not doing you a favor or helping out of the goodness of their heart. These are the first warning signs of a predator. Sexual predators are very patient and cunning. Confronting the person who is raising these red flags will be difficult and needs to be handled the right way. What do kids love more than toys and gifts? They feel entitled to you If you want to know you are living with a sexual predator they do things for you and in return, they expect the same and if you do not agree to their expectations they make you feel guilty for saying no. Set clear family guidelines for personal privacy and behavior and discuss them with all members of your family and model respecting guidelines. If someone is gifting items to your child that you may not be able to afford, seems excessive, gives an adult an opportunity to spend more time with your child — this is a major warning sign. Signs of a child pedophile? Predators have child grooming techniques you can learn to spot. This child may lack confidence or seem shy. This includes a sibling, relatives, family friends, neighbors, colleagues, cousins, a coach or teacher who have taken a special interest in one particular child. A predator is an expert at finding the soft spot of a child because they work especially hard to relate to kids and speak their language. Be sure that no one in your family feels alone. Addicted to pornography The one big sign you could be living with a sexual predator is, they are addicted to watching porn. A child that may be in need of extra attention, affection or who may be more of a loner and in need of friendship or guidance. Not even for games or between one parent and child. Talk to your children about inappropriate behavior, inappropriate touching, sexual abuse, physical limits, not keeping secrets and how to use their voice. Make sure each family member knows what healthy sexual development in children is and what might be of concern.

Warning signs of a sexual predator

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  1. What do kids love more than toys and gifts? On the outside, they have a great looking life and are well-liked by others.

  2. This child may lack confidence or seem shy. Let children know that if they are not comfortable being around a particular adult or older child, then you or another adult will let that person know this.

  3. Like con-men who go undetected until it is too late, sexual predators have perfected the art of abuse and control.

  4. Involve those you trust about your safety plan, safety rules and zero tolerance for broken boundaries and unsafe people and situations. You child needs to know they can come to YOU if something happens.

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