Vedic sign compatibility

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Graha Maitram means planetary friendship. The Moon signs of the couple should be the same, in the 7th from each other, in the 3rd and 11th from each other, or the 4th and 10th from each other, in which case seven points are earned. Moon sign astrology says that you are a very analytical and critical person.

Vedic sign compatibility

You can easily collaborate with Leo and Aries, but not very well with Virgo or Pisces. Taurus Vrishabha If the moon was traveling through Taurus at the time you were born, your moon sign is Taurus. This is absolutely wrong. But you need to be careful, if you are thinking of a relationship with Capricorn or Scorpio. It is believed that the moon has a deep impact on human psychology and hence your moon sign gives a better understanding of the kind of person you are. The couple having the same Yoni is best and gives 4 points. Intelligent and shrewd that you are, it's not very easy to demotivate you. Family affects our spiritual thinking and development. In the 2nd and 12th, it is said to cause poverty. You are protective about your near and dear ones. If both of your Moons are in Pitta Nakshatras, there will be an excess of Pitta in the relationship. You are highly compatible with Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. This creates a flow of energy that forces her to play the masculine role and him the feminine. However, you do not make a very good pair with Libra. Bha is a name for the signs of the zodiac and this Kuta is based on the sign positions of the Moons of the couple. Virgo Kanya A moon in Virgo at the time of your birth indicates that you are a Virgo. Your personality traits compliment with those of Taurus; you both can make a good pair. The Nakshatras that your Moons are in are highlighted below: The Moon signs of the couple should be the same, in the 7th from each other, in the 3rd and 11th from each other, or the 4th and 10th from each other, in which case seven points are earned. You are not considered compatible with Taurus and Pisces. It is largely true, as individuals with the same moon sign share a majority of their characteristics and can therefore understand each other well. You can gel with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Being an Aries, you are a quick thinker. That's your so-called 'love for change'! Devas are faithful, open, loyal and devoted.

Vedic sign compatibility

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  1. Though it seems that the author has written this book for women only, men too can gain some insight by reading it. The Nakshatra that the Moons of the couple are compared:

  2. If you have less compatibility in this section then you might have mental disagreements change of fortune, health problems et at. We will discuss them when we talk about love and compatibility horoscopes.

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