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Don't believe the lies the devil puts in your head - he is dancing with delight each time you stumble. My dear friend Jen told me on a road trip we were on many years ago, she said, "Trish, the devil delights in seeing your life fall apart". Or do I get too busy, too distracted, too caught up in the rush that I forget? But now that they are older, other calming modalities are available.

Twopeasinapod blog

Have I loved and given and lived today with intention? Here are some ways to keep the Halloween candy deluge down to a trickle: Relaxation techniques to quell anxiety I love kids who worry. Run, run, run all day long. What if the vaccine wears off before flu season ends? I start off everyday with the best of intentions. In addition, about half of the children who died from the flu were previously healthy and without underlying medical problems. The spider-like pinkish mark is aptly named a spider angioma. Or maybe that's just me. Like any skill, you can teach your child to calm their mind and settle their emotions. Fight the good fight. The Devil delights in watching your foundations crumble around you. Pull out your sword and do battle. If you need it, leave a prayer request and let all of us who read it, lift you up. And sometimes, that swell of love just overtakes me. Live it up on Halloween, then dump the extra sweets into the trashcan the next day. Because the truth is, I CAN. When pressed, they momentarily disappear blanching. I'm speaking to you. So you do nothing at all. Fear of what we might become. Vaccinate against influenza the flu not only to avoid missed school days, but also to avoid hospitalizations and death. That I can be what I'm needed to be that day wherever God needs me. That fear can be paralyzing. When your child was a baby you would rock them, sing to them, and maybe give a pacifier. Or all the things I could have done. I want to do those things intentionally.

Twopeasinapod blog

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  1. That fear can be paralyzing. Although in adults they can be associated with pregnancy or liver disease, having one or two is common in healthy children.

  2. That I can be what I'm needed to be that day wherever God needs me. But I find my focus usually pretty quickly again.

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