Things to do on boring summer days

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Make money at home—Lemonade stand. You can download karaoke apps on your phone and go all out with playful singing. Go to splash pads But what do you if you live in an apartment with no amenities? Research colleges—Both terrifying and fun. Make music—You can pick up a new instrument, from bagpipes to guitar to banjo.

Things to do on boring summer days

And you can always try writing those angsty-teenage lyrics. Take advantage of a breezy warm summer night and enjoy a family outdoor movie night. Whatever your plans this summer, enjoy it by bonding with your family. Raise money—May as well save the world this summer! Write about your passion, whether it be fashion, gaming or goats. It also gives the opportunity to explore the night outdoors. Or a dress that would be flawless? Check out these 10 fun ideas for your family: If you want to be creative, let the kids create a pretend magic show or a theatrical entertainment piece such as a puppet show. Splurge on water features for your backyard Perhaps, your backyard is your sanctuary during hot summer days. Make an insane goal—Run a marathon. Learn a new skill—From knitting to guitar to upside-down ping pong hockey, you can do it! Workout—Get swole while you have the time to. Many local libraries are filled with great activities to encourage reading for children. Go to splash pads But what do you if you live in an apartment with no amenities? Write a new poem every day. You might want to invest in kiddie inflatable pools or waterslides. While other families enjoy community pools, you enjoy lakes, streams, and even river banks to dip in and refresh. Organize a bake sale, a fundraiser, or whatever else for something you feel passionate about. Take advantage of the outdoors and bond with your family. Make all sorts of creations: You can Netflix-binge from an artistic perspective, and take in the writing and cinematography of great TV shows and movies. Magazine covers you think would be perfect? Grab your blankets, lawn chairs, and a picnic basket and head to your nearest outdoor movie place. Make glow in the dark crafts Long summer days also mean pleasant nights. All you have to do is supply ice cream and invite everyone else to bring toppings, sauce, and supplies.

Things to do on boring summer days

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  1. You can use these summer activities at any time, weather permitting. Make a movie—You might be surprised how accessible the technology is.

  2. Many local libraries are filled with great activities to encourage reading for children. Start your college essays—Those cryptic essay prompts take time.

  3. Go to library summer programs As the summer heats on, why not head to your local library for story time or special reading programs?

  4. So get a good playlist, grab some friends or family, and fill the tank. Try every restaurant within a mile radius.

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