That sexy moan

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In general, however, it's very much a "getting things started" noise. Read on for tips on how and when to moan. Save the loud moans for a time when you can really let loose. Use an inflection that makes it clear that you're enjoying it.

That sexy moan

Everyone responds to intense pleasure in their own way, and you don't need to force yourself to moan if it doesn't come naturally to you. In some cases, you may feel that it's necessary to fake a moan. Don't assume that everyone finds moans attractive just because there is a cultural fetish for the noises. Yes, some people are naturally very loud in bed — but the moans you hear in movies or pornography are intentionally stylized versions of reality. Let it be a natural thing; a thing of joy; a thing of beauty. As things get hotter and heavier, you may find that your breathing swells to match the heat of the moment. You can let this noise out at any point that it seems appropriate. Respect each other and respect the content creators and their respective communities. No self-promotion of any kind without prior moderator approval. Every time you breathe in, engage your vocal chords to make an "uh" sound. If your post is caught in the Spam Filter, please message the mods. Posts should come from the deep part of YouTube. Release your inhibitions, and don't be afraid to lose a bit of control. In general, however, it's very much a "getting things started" noise. The modbot will attempt to remove any videos that break this rule. The more you get into it, the more authentic—and, likely, arousing to your partner—your sounds will be. Real-world experience is the best way to build confidence and master your moan. Use an inflection that makes it clear that you're enjoying it. Instead, submit a direct video link and then link to the playlist or channel in the comments. Practice beforehand, at a time when you are into it, so that your fake moans sound more authentic. Any video violating this rule will be removed and the submitter may be subject to a ban at the moderators' discretion. Links that violate this rule will be automatically removed by the modbot. As the situation intensifies, let your breath quicken, and try to make it audible — as though you're exerting yourself. Let your moans last longer. If a video contains violence, explicit language, sexually explicit, or possibly offensive material, add the term 'NSFW' to the title. Be aware of the setting.

That sexy moan

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  1. However, not everyone is prone to "being loud," and many people have a hard time making their sensual feelings public.

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