Stunt driving school bc

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Casting Directors to Visit Stunt School again in Once again students can look forward to having casting representatives from live stunt shows check out their work at our school this year. Precision drivers, like regular actors, also get residual payments if they work on a commercial or TV show that's shown multiple times. If you're interested, you can sign up for one of the many precision driving schools all over the world. Now in our 27th year!

Stunt driving school bc

Driving schools charge anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, and you typically get what you pay for. Want to see what our graduates have been doing? Start paying attention to car commercials and see if you ever notice a slide into a stop that's off-center or askew. Not all jobs require chases and skids. Precision drivers, like regular actors, also get residual payments if they work on a commercial or TV show that's shown multiple times. Seattle Times Article on the International Stunt School The Seattle Times crew came out and visited us at our last session and wrote this great article about our school. The classes generally run three to five days and cover the maneuvers most often used in film production, such as the following: Most of the actors you'll be doubling are young, fit and many of them aren't exactly giants. Highly recommend it to anyone! You might be cut out for a career as a precision driver if you're young, fit, have exceptional driving skills and you're less than six feet tall. Best decision I've ever made. Plus, being smaller in a commercial picture car means the interior looks roomy and spacious. Live stunt shows are a great stepping stone into the industry and getting a job offer right out of our school is an incredible opportunity. Most precision drivers are car junkies who live on adrenaline. Scroll down to see our classes and please feel free to contact us with any of your questions at or iboushey gmail. Now in our 27th year! Casting directors for Universal Studios and Mirage Entertainment will be seeking out possible performers for their live shows. It's more about working in concert with the camera or camera car that's following you. That's not to say that they live for danger though -- their job is to avoid danger and be in control at all times. I learned a lot and the value of this training has been reflected in the work I have done so far. In fact, the vast majority of time is spent waiting for the driving sequences to be shot. Oftentimes, it requires landing the car on an exact mark so the camera can film it from dead center. This is typically determined by the stunt coordinator and can be negotiated by the driver. You can read it here: Don't miss your chance to show your stuff and possibly land your first stunt job!

Stunt driving school bc

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